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Scaled CrossFit Semi-Finals

Written By Charleh Knighton  |  Rope Climbs 

Every 7:00 complete the following:
(rest the remainder of the window)

600/500m Row
50ft HSW
4 Rope Climbs
x4 rounds


WODprep Strategy Top Tips:

What a workout to complete the week! Taking a little inspiration from the CrossFit Open Semi-Finals that are currently happening across the world. This is a scaled version so that you can get a taste of the elite athletes from the comforts of your own gym.

4 rounds is a lot, so watch out for that pacing. You want to hit the row with a fairly quick pace, but not enough to gas yourself out for the HSW. Our top tip would be to drive with your legs on the row to allow your arms to take over on the HSW, so that when you hit the ropes climbs, you’ll have plenty in the tank for your legs to do most of the work. 

A 7 minute window should give you a little rest to catch your breath, step up for the row again, and be able to consistently repeat the same time for each round.


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