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Written By CJ DePalma  |  Wall Walks 

20:00 Running Clock @70% Effort

15 Calorie Bike
3 Wall Walks
150ft Farmers Carry (a weight you can do UB)
15 Push Ups
15 Cal Row
5 Strict Pull Ups


WODprep Strategy Top Tips:

Today’s workout will be testing out a number of movements while your heart rate will be in the high side. At 70%, you should be looking like a red tomato, but you shouldn’t be feeling the need to stop. The goal is to keep moving and be able to achieve everything unbroken.

By the end, your arms and grip strength should feel like they’ve had a workout as the volume starts to hit you towards the end. To gain additional “rest”, move quickly between the movements and take in a couple of deep breaths.


Burning out on wall walks? Check out our video to get the BEST strategies:

Need help with nailing those RX workouts?


COMING SOON! Wall walks mini course to help you achieve your 1st rep.

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