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Shoulder Beating

Written By Ben  |  Weightlifting 

10×1 @80%
on the :75

DB Shoulder to Overhead @50/35

WODprep Strategy Top Tips:

As we head closer to the Open, we’ll start adopting Open-style workouts. By putting them into your regular workouts now, you’ll be very used to them by the time February comes around.

Today’s workout is a nice two-parter. First, we’ll hit some snatch to get the body moving so that when you hit the conditioning, your shoulders will be nicely warmed up. Don’t forget to check out our snatch warm-up video to get you started.

Moving on to the conditioning. 21-15-9 is the regular rep scheme most CrossFit should be used to. The hardest round will be the 15’s. Make sure you know how to break up the reps to keep the body moving. If you go into this workout knowing your shoulders are going to take a beating, then your mind will be in the right mindset to power through.



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