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Snatch Game

Written By Ben  |  Weightlifting 

Snatch EMOM
Starting at 60% of your current 1RM

1 Snatch EMOM building by 3-5%, every set, until you miss.

Using 80% of Snatch you hit in the workout

12 minute AMRAP
12/9 Calorie Row
1 Squat Snatches @80%


WODprep Strategy Top Tips:

There’s no introduction for this workout. Are you ready for some Saturday Snatch?

Today will be testing some mental toughness. Have you ever just lost your sh*t when weightlifting? Right. Haven’t we all? But, in reality, you’re letting the bar win, and we are the real winners here.

If you start to fail, breathe, focus and let your internal monologue enforce positive affirmations. “You got this!”. Concentrate on one part of your technique, and then – LET’S GO!

Put that mental game to the test when you hit the 12 minute AMRAP. Let’s see what you can really do. You never know; you might surprise yourself.


Feel awkward when barbell cycling? Check out our video below:

Are you new to Weightlifting for CrossFit? If so, you’ll want to check this out before going any further!

Weightlifting is an advanced skill and these tips will help you figure out the various lifts that are sure to crop up in your WODs sometime soon!

Want to get faster and more efficient in your barbell WODs?

5 Snatch Drills Every CrossFitter Should Master (free video tutorial!):

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