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For time
10 @ 65%
10@ 75%
8@ 85%

WODprep Strategy Top Tips:

For the Snatch Ladder workout, you’ll be lifting at different percentages of your one-rep max (1RM) snatch. Make sure you know your 1RM snatch weight before starting the workout.

Here’s a strategy to tackle each set:

  1. 10 Snatches @ 65% 1RM:

    • Use a weight that is approximately 65% of your 1RM snatch.
    • Aim for quick and efficient singles.
    • Take short breaks between repetitions, but try to keep rest time to a minimum.
    • Focus on good technique and a solid lockout overhead.
  2. 10 Snatches @ 75% 1RM:

    • Increase the weight to approximately 75% of your 1RM snatch.
    • Again, perform singles with short rest intervals.
    • Concentrate on a powerful pull and solid catch.
  3. 8 Snatches @ 85% 1RM:

    • Now, the weight should be around 85% of your 1RM snatch.
    • Be prepared for a more challenging set.
    • Continue with singles and maintain good form.
    • Take slightly longer rest if needed but keep pushing yourself.
  4. 8 Snatches @ 90% 1RM:

    • This is the heaviest set of the ladder, with approximately 90% of your 1RM snatch.
    • Singles are the way to go here.
    • Take short but strategic breaks to maintain your form and complete the set efficiently.

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