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The Devil Called

Written By Ben  |  Butterfly Pull-Ups 

6 minute AMRAP
6 Pull-Ups
6 Box Jump Overs

WODprep Strategy Top Tips:

Today’s workout is quick and it’s going to hurt – the devil is coming! You should be aiming to go unbroken all the way, or if you’re looking to scale, spilt the reps into 3s. To level up on this workout, swap out pull ups for chest to bar pull ups. Best of luck with this one! 

Struggling with butterfly pull ups ? Check out our video below:

So first of all let’s talk about why in the world we want to do pull-ups that make us look like flopping fish! Butterflies have a very specific reason – they are by far the most efficient way to meet the pull-up standard in CrossFit. The pull-up rep has to begin with arms fully locked out and finish with your chin above the plane of the pull-up bar. Unless specified, how you get from A to B is down to you.

So let’s dig into the 3 complaints I hear most when it comes to learning this tricky skill;

“I feel like I’m going to hit my face”
“I can’t figure out the rhythm”
“This feels way harder than I think it should”


Need help with pull ups?

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