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Triple Hit

Written By Charleh Knighton  |  Handstand Walk 

6 Hang KB Snatch Each Arm (12 total)
4 Wall Walks
200m Row (sprint effort)
Rest 2:00
x 5 Rounds

Rest 3:00

12 Deadlift (205lbs/145lbs) or (165lbs/115lbs)
12 Ring Push Ups
200m Run (sprint effort)
Rest 2:00
x 5 Rounds

Rest 3:00

:45 Handstand Walk
12 Weighted GHD Hip Extensions
10 weighted Knee raises
x5 Rounds

WODprep Strategy Top Tips:

It’s divided into three parts with rest periods in between, so get ready to push your limits.

Workout 1: You’ll start with 6 Hang KB Snatches on each arm (12 in total). Use a kettlebell that’s challenging but manageable. Then, conquer 4 Wall Walks, taking your time to maintain control.

After that, hop on the rower and give it your all for a 200m sprint. Take a 2-minute break before the next round. Repeat this sequence for 5 rounds.

Rest 3 minutes: Use this time to catch your breath and regroup.

Workout 2: Now, it’s time for 12 Deadlifts at your chosen weight (either 205/145 or 165/115), followed by 12 Ring Pushups. Then, go all out on a 200m sprint again. Take another 2-minute breather before the next round. Do this for 5 rounds.

Rest 3 minutes: Take a bit longer to recharge.

Workout 3: This final part includes a 45-second Handstand Walk for balance, 12 Weighted GHD Hip Extensions, and 10 Weighted Knee Raises. Focus on quality here. Repeat for 5 rounds or until you’re satisfied with your effort.


So you can kick up into a handstand and take your first few steps. What next? How do you progress to walking farther and performing the handstand walk under fatigue? Check out this video for my top 3 advanced drills…

Want to more about handstand walks (HSW)?


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