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Under Fatigue

Written By Charleh Dickinson  |  Chest to Bar 

AMRAP in 20 minutes:
400m Run
15 GHD Sit-ups
12 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups


WODprep Strategy Top Tips:


  • Push the pace during the run, but don’t go all out, especially at the beginning.
  • Use the run as an opportunity to recover your breath and heart rate for the next two movements.
  • Land on the midfoot and roll through to the toes with each step.
  • Use your breath to control your pace. Inhale and exhale in a rhythmic pattern to help regulate your effort.

GHD Sit-ups:

  • Move efficiently through the GHD sit-ups. Use your hips and core to generate power.
  • Position yourself securely on the GHD machine with your feet anchored.
  • Start the sit-up with your arms extended in front of you and your hips flexed.
  • Initiate the movement by engaging your core and hinging at the hips.
  • As you sit up, drive your chest toward your knees while keeping your back straight.
  • Use your core strength to complete the sit-up.
  • Control the descent to avoid overextending your lower back.
  • Break the 15 reps into manageable sets. For example, you could break it down into sets of 5 or 7.

Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups:

  • Break the pull-ups into sets that you can maintain consistently throughout the workout.
  • Use a kipping or butterfly technique to save energy. Efficiency is key in high-repetition movements.
  • Grip the pull-up bar with your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, palms facing away from you. Initiate the pull-up by engaging your lats and pulling your chest toward the bar.
  • To achieve a chest-to-bar pull-up, focus on pulling your elbows behind you and touching your chest to the bar.
  • Use a kipping or butterfly technique to generate momentum and make the movement more efficient.
  • Keep a tight core and avoid excessive swinging during the kip.
  • Consider doing smaller sets with short rest periods, such as 6-6 or 4-4-4, depending on your skill level.
  • If you struggle with chest-to-bar pull-ups, scale the movement to regular pull-ups or banded pull-ups to keep moving.


Are you getting stuck from getting your chest to the bar? Are you wanting to develop the strength to do chest to bar pull ups? In this video Coach Ben gives three simple drills to develop the strength you need to do chest to bar pull ups.


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