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Waffles Are Pancakes With Abs

Written By CJ DePalma  |  Handstand Push-ups 

5 Minute AMRAP
……..and so on till the 5 minute clock expires

Rest 5 Minutes

Then another 5 minute AMRAP beginning where you left off in the first workout

Example: if you finished at 11ttb in the round of 12, you will finish your last ttb and continue working up the ladder.

WODprep Strategy Top Tips:

It’s very tempting to go out hard – 2 reps? That’s nothing, right? 5 minutes is just long enough that you will burn out real quick, especially with that sneaky repeat in there. The goal is not to blow up on the second AMRAP. You’re looking for consistency and holding a similar rep range throughout. For example, if you decide 2 reps at a time is the best for you, then consistently holding the 2 reps throughout will give you a better score for the stimulus of this workout. 

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