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Window Cleaning

Written By Ben  |  Weightlifting 

3:00 Window
10 Cal Air Bike
10 Clean and Jerks @135/95

Rest 3:00

3:00 Window
8 Cal Air Bike
8 Clean and Jerks @155/105

Rest 3:00

3:00 Window
6 Cal Air Bike
6 Clean and Jerks @185/125

Rest 3:00

3:00 Window
AMRAP Clean and Jerks @225/155


WODprep Strategy Top Tips:

Today’s workout is tough. If barbell cycling, especially under fatigue, is a weakness, then this is for you. With each window, the workout is getting progressively harder, but that doesn’t mean you should take a back seat. Instead, try to beat your rounds each time.

The aim is to start at a pace and build effort as it goes. The clean and jerks can be either power or squat, but try to pick one and be consistent. You ideally want to only work on one stimulus.


Do you struggle with front rack mobility and position during the power clean or front squat? Try these drills!

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