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Athletes In Our Community Have Hit 457 PRs - And Counting!

Think about that movement that's really bugging you right now.

That one movement that's super frustrating.

That you can't Rx, no matter how hard you try.

Now, imagine this:

You're posting a video of your brand new PR to our private, Masters only group.


The comments start rolling in!

Everyone is excited for your progress.

Everyone is celebrating your achievement.

And, as you read the comments..

You feel an incredible sense of pride.

You feel like all of your hard work is being noticed.

And it feels really, really satisfying.

All of this will happen after you join the ONLY "Masters Only" community where you get expert coaching.

How do I know?

Because of stories like the ones below!

And because our athletes have hit over 457 PRs so far... and counting!


WODprep Masters Athletes get incredible results

“If you're on the fence about WODprep Masters, just Just go ahead and sign-up 
because the value is going to be there." - Katie

"It's a supporitve, encouraging online community with like-minded individuals who enjoy CrossFit" - Ben

“For the first time in a long time, I had that feeling of being on a team again.” ~ Sara

“I enjoy seeing people's PR's, because it gives me inspiration each week.” ~ Michelle

“It's  very nice to cheer genuine people on. It's actually really motivating for me." ~ Kelly

“WODprep Masters allowed me to get specfic feedback for my workouts.” ~ Nate

“It's a fantastic community because it's the most welcoming and helpful group you could join.” ~ Hakan

“It's a world class program. I have a feeling of belonging.” ~ Scott

"I definitely recommend WODprep Masters to my friends because you're not really going to find this extra added help within a gym."
- Katie


Meet Your


Our athletes consistently rave about how supportive, welcoming, and helpful our coaches are.

We're looking forward to meeting you and helping you reach all of your functional fitness goals once you join!


The CEO and Head Coach at WODprep, Ben is passionate about helping fitness athletes of all abilities get their competitive edge and learn new skills!

A previous regionals athlete, gym owner and CF-L2 coach, he's now living in Denver, CO with his wife and two dogs.


Brent has been involved in CrossFit since 2011 - and loves helping athletes see quick improvements in their movements through specific feedback.

Brent is a WODprep Coach, Masters athlete, father of three and Coach in London, Canada. 


Colette excels at helping scaled athletes Rx more moves and get better workout scores.

She's a WODPrep Coach, L-2 CrossFit and USAW L1 Trainer at Outsiders CrossFit in Sparks, MD.


WODprep’s Resident Physical Therapist and Head of WODprep's 1-on-1 Athlete program. CJ also handles the Masters Daily Programming and all things pain related.

CJ enjoys nerdy things such as coaching both injured and non-injured athletes, and social media discussions on injury/pain. He continues to train CrossFit for sport.


Sho is a CF L-1 Trainer and British Weightlifting L-2 Coach at Aristos Fitness, graphic designer and mom of two.

She's participated in several CrossFit competitions and is the current Scottish Weightlifting Champion of the 55kg class.


David is a WODprep coach, a CrossFit-1 Trainer, a USA Weightlifting Sports Performance coach and is certified in Functional Movement Systems and Precision Nutrition.

A coach and personal trainer at Grit Miami by day, David resides in Sunny Miami, FL with his girlfriend Jessica.


Brandon is a Certified CrossFit Trainer (CF-L3) & Head Coach of the WODprep Affiliate Experience.

He has competed at the CrossFit Games (2009) and multiple Individual Regional-level competitions, as well as coached a 2017 Masters CF Games champion 2017.


Savannah is a CF-L1, spin instructor and the WODprep Customer Happiness Specialist, residing with her dog Hawkeye in WhiteFish, Montana.

She takes care of customer needs over both email and Facebook - so if you have any questions or concerns, she’ll be there to help.


What WODprep MASTERS Will Do For You

This Masters only community will help you make progress and hit PRs you feel proud of.

And at a fraction of the cost of 1 on 1 coaching!

Get specific, helpful, professional feedback on any of your movements

Never feel like you’re on your own - we’re here to answer your questions about training, nutrition, recovery…. ANYTHING!

Know you’ve got rock solid programming - our expert coaches have got your back!

Prevent your weaknesses from sabotaging your progress in your functional fitness journey

Celebrate your wins and swap tips with other Masters athletes

Feel confident that you’ve dialed in your technique to make the most progress possible!


How WODprep MASTERS Works...

1. After you Join our Masters only private Facebook group, you'll get specific, helpful, positive feedback from our professional coaches.

2. You'll make friends and feel connected to the community through live coaching calls, challenges and workouts programmed daily.

3. You'll make tons of progress, hit new PRs, and feel proud - then celebrate with the other Masters athletes in this supportive community!

4. You don’t even need Facebook to use WODprep Masters. Download the SugarWOD app to follow the WODprep Masters Programming and access all the posted resources inside the WODprep Masters Learning Center.


Plus, You Get These Free Bonuses For Joining….


Get Your Masters 40% Discount

WODprep Masters athletes get access to our Masters 40% discount immediately after joining - which means you can get any WODprep course for 40% off!


The most affordable coaching option

Normally, access to WODprep coaching costs at least $197. But in WODprep Masters only, you can get expert coaching for only $39/month!

Rock Exclusive Masters Only Swag!

After a year of membership, you’ll get an exclusive T-Shirt you can’t get anywhere else! (Not even in our store!)

Level Up Through Mini Programs and Challenges!

Join the WODprep coaches on "mini challenges" and weekly skill breakdowns to level up your game - like the Kipping Mastery and Increase Your Grip Strength Mini Courses!

The ONLY Facebook Community Where Masters Get Coaching and Programming!

All of the coaching is done in a private Facebook community. This is the ONLY one of its kind!

While other communities have Masters athletes sharing wins... there's literally NO coaching involved!

While other communities have Masters programming… there's still NO coaching involved!

Our community is the ONLY place where Masters athletes can get professional coaching and programming online!

You can't find this ANYWHERE else!

After Joining, You'll Hit More PRs or Your Money Back!





WODprep Students get incredible results

“You’re not buying a service. You’re joining a community.

“You get encouragement from the other community members.”

“I really liked seeing the other people post their success videos.”

- WODprep graduates (Simone, Justin, Holly)

“The WODprep coaches have been phenomenal” ~ Cindy

“They were always really willing to help” ~ John

“You're going to get more out of it than you realize when it comes to the Open” ~ Justin

“I’d say it’s worth it. You feel really good about yourself, really proud." ~ Fredrick

“To see myself improve that's changed my life as far as WODs go for me.” ~ Will

They want to hear from you. If you've got questions, they're there to answer you.” ~ Julie

“Being able to submit the videos and getting the help is really what I needed.” ~ Lane

“I just love to see other people jump in and have the same success that I had.” ~ Terry

You're Protected by a 100%, No Questions Asked 45-Day Money Back Guarantee

Guarantee #1:


You'll either make TONS of progress - progress you're incredibly proud of - or you'll just email us and get your money back.

No questions asked!

Guarantee #2:

you'll get helpful, specific feedback

You'll either get helpful, specific feedback and answers to your questions from our expert coaches, or you'll get your money back.

No conditions!

Guarantee #3:

you can get a refund for any reason!

Even if you just decide that you don't like Ben's haircut inside of one of the coaching videos.....

You can get your money back!

No BS, no questions, no hassles, no headache!



Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Ben Anyway?

I'm Ben Dziwulksi, founder of WODprep, and I’ve been coaching CrossFit for 10 years. I’ve owned my own box, and coached thousands of athletes in person and online.

You might recognize WODprep and my voice from hundreds of YouTube videos that I've created that are completely free that have helped people learn basically every CrossFit skill known to man.


What's wodprep MASTERS again?

WODprep Masters is the ONLY coaching community created specifically for Masters athletes.

This is YOUR place to get Masters specific coaching on your movements, nutrition, injuries, and training strategy!

You can ask the coaches any questions you'd like!

what if I change my mind?

You're ALWAYS protected by a 45 day, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Just sent us an email at any time and you can get your last 45 days of payments refunded.

No questions asked!

what kinds of questions can I ask?

Things like:

- How to recover more quickly from WODs

- The best supplements and nutritional strategies
- What should I be working on?
- How to see the most progress you can!

wait - so i get 40% off wodprep courses too?


Immediately after joining, you get access to a 40% discount off ANY WODprep course!

And you can join these courses at any time.... even when they're closed to the public!


come on.... what's the catch?

There is no "trick" or catch.

We created WODprep Masters because we felt Masters athletes were marginalized and ignored by the CrossFit HQ and the "big name" coaching companies.

This is YOUR place to get better and make more progress, faster, than you've ever made before!


Even more amazing results from WODprep MASTERS Members

After Joining, You'll Hit More PRs or Your Money Back!




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