The Best Daily Programming 

 for Masters Athletes 

The Best Daily Programming for Masters Athletes

Optimize Performance


Simple and Affordable


Having your progress stall SUCKS.

It just takes more and more work to see results. 

And your performance gets set back.

…But hurting yourself when you’ve been properly following fitness programming is even worse.

The problem is that programming is NOT made for Master’s Athletes.

There’s too much volume.

It takes too long.

You feel beaten up everyday.

It feels like random movements crammed together just to spike heart rate.

You find it boring, disorganized, and frustrating.

You need to scale too many movements.

You see celebrity faces that don’t deliver appropriate workouts for your level.

The WODs and Metcons are soul-sucking and exhausting, but don’t leave you performing better.

There’s just no intelligent programming strategy that considers an extended time horizon.

But there’s an elegant solution: WODprep Masters.

WODprep Masters is a membership that provides you with daily programming that is literally made for people over 35.

You can crush your PRs, improve your performance, and feel confident.

… And all while doing it SAFELY.

You can perform the prescribed workout Rx without needing to scale, because our stimulus-driven program takes into account your current abilities and designs the workout around you.

No more beating yourself up trying to Rx a workout that will only allow you to move slowly and over-reach.

You’ll spend time practicing skills to improve them, instead of just doing random workouts when you’re already tired.

That means you’ll get better with the barbell, improve your gymnastics, and see your conditioning get optimized.

You'll get better Open scores (and/or AGOQ scores if you are competing).

You’ll learn to perform the hardest movements in a way that your body and mind understand.

You’ll unleash your potential to become the best version of yourself and obtain life changing gains.

We’ve helped 1000s of Masters achieve real results in their home gym or at the Games and become top tier athletes. (But don’t take our word for it, see their stories below.)

How do we do it?

The programming is developed by expert coaches who have managed gyms and helped numerous athletes compete at the Games, in collaboration with Physical Therapists who treat athletes.

Our programmers truly understand the needs of Master’s athletes.

(Translation: We have the smartest programmers on the planet working on this.)

This is an unbeatable combination that produces a world-class CrossFit program.

We include 3 potential programming tracks that will meet you where you are at regardless of your equipment availability or skill level: beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

You’ll work on gymnastic skill, strength development, olympic lifting technique, energy system training, hypertrophy movements, and auxiliary exercises to focus on longevity.

And the program produces great RESULTS.

You access the programming through the easy-to-use SugarWOD app on your phone.

… And we include easy video explanations of every movement. No more confusion. You will always have clarity that you’re doing exactly the right thing.

The craziest part?

Our elite coaches are readily available for you.

EVERY QUESTION you post is directly answered by a coach.

They will give you feedback on technique and answer your training questions.

They will assess your movements, answer your questions, and provide you with clear, comprehensive advice.

This type of coaching usually costs hundreds of dollars a month, but you have it fully included as part of your WODprep Masters membership!

There’s no risk. We guarantee you see results, or your money back.

Get world-class programming that helps you phenomenally improve your performance, while focusing on reducing injury risk and prioritizing longevity.

We want you to do this for the next 30 years and our programming is designed just for that.


Say goodbye to excessive volume. Don’t feel beat up everyday.

Hit new PRs.

See your skills, strength, and conditioning improve.

(Or simply out-perform the younger athletes at your gym, that’ll show them!)

But if you’re not happy for any reason, we’ll give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked.


WODprep Masters Athletes get incredible results

"It's a supporitve, encouraging online community with like-minded individuals who enjoy CrossFit®" - Ben

“For the first time in a long time, I had that feeling of being on a team again.” ~ Sara

“I enjoy seeing people's PR's, because it gives me inspiration each week.” ~ Michelle

“It's  very nice to cheer genuine people on. It's actually really motivating for me." ~ Kelly

“WODprep Masters allowed me to get specfic feedback for my workouts.” ~ Nate

“It's a fantastic community because it's the most welcoming and helpful group you could join.” ~ Hakan

“It's a world class program. I have a feeling of belonging.” ~ Scott

"I definitely recommend WODprep Masters to my friends because you're not really going to find this extra added help within a gym."
- Katie



WODprep Masters is a subscription membership service. You get:

Daily programming built for YOU, right to your phone, including streams for beginner, intermediate, and advanced athletes. Includes warmup and accessory workouts. Includes strength, conditioning, skills, and hypertrophy movements. We provide this through the SugarWOD app on your phone, which is easy to use. Your competition scores in the Open will improve.

Access to our private community, where you can ask questions and get clear and comprehensive advice directly from our expert coaches.

Absolutely ridiculous perks and exclusive content, including 40% off all of our skills courses, free access to all of our challenges and contests, and an exclusive free T-shirt annually. Membership to WODprep Masters literally pays for itself.


How is the programming delivered?


Sample programming





How does WODprep Masters help improve my competition or Open scores?


The unique advantage to WODprep Masters is a long-term development strategy. We use a phased-out season in conjunction with the true concept of progressions over time. In short, we provide skill development in an intelligent and progressive way to improve your Open scores (and AGOQ scores).

We avoid the concept of competing EVERY DAY.

If you're looking to get better at muscle-ups, and the only way that you're working on them is a workout with 50 double-unders, 30 box jumps, and 10 muscle-ups for 5 rounds, it's going to be a struggle. And instead you'll end up doing singles, which means you won't train your muscle-ups properly. So what we do instead is we focus on skill development outside of conditioning to build capacity. You can't get better at muscle-ups in a workout. That's not how you improve, because it's hard to improve your skills when you're tired.

So really our programming strategy puts the pieces of the puzzle together, really considering the long-term approach to progression and with competition timelines top of mind. Our goal is always performance tied with longevity, especially as we take into account your exact age and the competition group that you're focusing on. We'll hammer very specific skills. The alternative is to always be training fatigued due to high-intensity training ever day, which in turn teaches you to move slowly. We don't want that. We want you moving fast and learning how to build volume in the skills you need.

On the off-season, we're focusing on a lot of strength.

Everyone needs more pull-ups and more handstand push-ups, more pressing, etc. So we give a big break to the mixed modality of CrossFit. For example, we avoid a lot of kipping gymnastics in the off-season to give the joints a chance to recover and prioritize strength. Then we phase it back in and we see huge improvements because of the strict strength that we've been doing. At this point in our training, we'll shift gears and focus specifically on a lot of gymnastic development for maximum gains.

The different tracks really allow for more individualization. We try to move away from Rx, because we've found is that you could have a 50 year old athlete that qualified top 100 in competition (does 240 lbs for clean and jerk), while another qualified top 500 (does 180 lbs for clean and jerk). They could have VERY different strength levels, and so it doesn't make sense for them to be doing the same workout at 135 lbs. That's going to be a very different stimulus for each, so we provide a good range to accommodate for things like this.

Watch Head Coach CJ explain more here...

You're Protected by a 100%, No Questions Asked 45-Day Money Back Guarantee

Guarantee #1:


You'll either make TONS of progress - progress you're incredibly proud of - or you'll just email us and get your money back.

No questions asked!

Guarantee #2:

you'll get helpful, specific feedback

You'll either get helpful, specific feedback and answers to your questions from our expert coaches, or you'll get your money back.

No conditions!

Guarantee #3:

you can get a refund for any reason!

Even if you just decide that you don't like Ben's haircut inside of one of the coaching videos.....

You can get your money back!

No BS, no questions, no hassles, no headache!


We asked our members what they

LOVE about WODprep Masters


"It’s been a hard year for everyone to stay motivated training but since joining the group I feel like I have a CrossFit tribe again.

There are so many people in the group, yet it really feels like a small tight knit community and your administration skills are to be commended with the tailoring attention we all receive!

All the training is purposeful and builds in a very structured way. I’ve already seen massive improvements in many areas of training!"

- Andrea 


"I have learned so much from ALL the coaches at WODprep. Whether it is a tip of the week, a video from Coach Ben, a humble Tuesday, Coffee with the coaches, CJ’s tip of the week/how to tackle the workout plan, or a pain session with the two entertaining doc’s - they have introduced me to MANY tips, tricks and techniques."

- Cindy 


"I really like the programming because the volume is just right for my age - 57. Before, I just did the WODs in the box and did some extra training myself but there was no structure."

- Richard 


"WODprep Masters provided me a great platform and community and coaching to take myself to the next level.

We have maybe 10 Masters age members at our box (out of about 200 members), so it’s nice (and important) to have another community with a bit different diversity, albeit being virtual."

- Ulrika 


"Getting those weekly weightlifting sessions in has been key for me to get really confident with the movements versus a once in 2 week quickie in class."

- Christopher 


"I feel that my hometown box programming is all over the place to where the WODprep training program has goals in mind and helps us reach PR’s.

My favorite part about WODprep Masters is the TOTAL package you receive. The workouts are amazing but what pulls you in is the entire group and support you get from everyone signed up. From the Zoom meetings to the camaraderie through social media it’s truly awesome!"

- David 


"I can say after 10 months of exclusively following this program I have learned and progressed in so many areas of my CrossFit game. I never feel beat up or mentally exhausted from over training.

Being able to get specific feedback from the coaches along the way led me to finally break through the barrier I had on cleans and reach a lifetime goal. I’ve also improved in my burpee speed, my confidence jumping over stuff, my running and rowing capacity and my general confidence as an athlete."

- Michelle 


"The programming builds a strong foundation and brings athletes to the next level. Paired with the coaching, it’s the perfect recipe for success and achieving one’s goals."

- Stephen 



Frequently Asked Questions

How is WODprep Masters different from other programming?

We’ve tried most of the programs out there, as have many of our athletes. The fact is, they simply don’t consider what’s best for Masters Athletes. The programming is disorganized. The volume is too high. Injuries are common. It’s too advanced. Celebrities don’t necessarily make the best teachers. Or it’s just boring and ineffective.

Our programming is created by coaches who have run gyms and who have successfully taken athletes to the Games, in collaboration with Physical Therapists who treat athletes. That means our programming is literally built for people over the age of 35. And it works. It is smart training that is thoughtfully designed to build a foundation of strength and engine capacity. You will see skill work, strength and conditioning, and hypertrophy movements. You'll get better Open scores and/or better AGOQ scores in competition.


What do I actually get when I JOIN WODprep Masters?

WODprep Masters is a subscription membership service. You get:

1. Daily programming built for YOU, right to your phone, including tracks for beginner, intermediate, and advanced athletes. Includes warmup and accessory workouts. Includes strength, conditioning, skills, and hypertrophy movements. We provide this through the SugarWOD app, which is easy to use.

2. Access to our private community, where you can ask questions and get clear and comprehensive advice from our coaches. 100% of questions asked are answered by our coaching team.

3. Absolutely ridiculous perks and exclusive content, including 40% off all of our skills courses, free access to all of our challenges and contests, and an exclusive free T-shirt annually. Membership to WODprep Masters pays for itself.


Do I need access to a gym or specific equipment?

WODprep Masters programming has multiple streams: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The beginner stream includes people who are too busy or who don’t have access to a regular gym. Workouts can be done with limited equipment, in very little space at home, or in a short time if necessary.

Whereas on the other end of the spectrum, the advanced workouts allow for those who have more time and equipment. There are appropriate workouts for Masters of all levels, including those who want to master the hardest movements.

Can I keep using my gym’s programming too?

Yes… we understand that people want to continue to use their home gym’s program which is 100% ok! Our program is a fully developed program and, in its entirety, should not be combined. BUT you can take pieces of it  (the barbell skill work, the gymnastics skill work, the auxiliary work, or the conditioning) and add it to your current program. We suggest taking what you struggle with the most or what your other program does not provide and add it to your current program. You can also ask in the private group for advice and our coaches will guide you.

Who is Ben Anyway?

I'm Ben Dziwulski, founder of WODprep, and I’ve been coaching CrossFit® for 10 years. I’ve owned my own box, and coached thousands of athletes in person and online.

You might recognize WODprep and my voice from hundreds of YouTube videos that I've created that are completely free that have helped people learn basically every CrossFit® skill known to man.


What's wodprep MASTERS again?

WODprep Masters is the ONLY coaching community created specifically for Masters athletes.

This is YOUR place to get Masters specific coaching on your movements, nutrition, injuries, and training strategy!

You can ask the coaches any questions you'd like!

what if I change my mind?

You're ALWAYS protected by a 45 day, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Just send us an email at any time and you can get your last 45 days of payments refunded.

No questions asked!

what kinds of questions can I ask?

Things like:

- How to recover more quickly from WODs

- The best supplements and nutritional strategies
- What should I be working on?
- How to see the most progress you can!

wait - so i get 40% off wodprep courses too?


Immediately after joining, you get access to a 40% discount off ANY WODprep course!

And you can join these courses at any time.... even when they're closed to the public!


come on.... what's the catch?

There is no "trick" or catch.

We created WODprep Masters because we felt Masters athletes were marginalized and ignored by the CrossFit® HQ and the "big name" coaching companies.

This is YOUR place to get better and make more progress, faster, than you've ever made before!



After Joining, You'll Hit More PRs or Your Money Back!


$39 $30


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