Frequently Asked Questions

If I have a question about billing, where do I go?

Email Savannah at [email protected]

I have an idea, suggestion or feedback I want to share. Where can I do that?

We have a form for that ; ) Check out the WODprep Suggestion Box.

I submitted a question but no one replied. What should I do?

Sorry to hear that. On the odd occasion some posts can slip by unnoticed. First, make sure you’re using the hashtag #coachme and don’t be afraid to go back and tag Savannah who will make sure a coach sees it and responds!

How do I get a WODprep TShirt?

If you paid for WODprep Masters for the year upfront, you should have had an email with a link to order your exclusive ‘Master of Fitness’ shirt/tank. Contact Savannah with any issues. Otherwise, you’ll receive a different tee when you’ve been a member for an entire year! If you want to buy some merch in the meantime, you can head to

How do I find specific posts on Facebook?

The group has a search box in which you can enter specific keywords or names to help filter the feed. Additionally, we have a list of topics that we tag our posts with to make them easier to find. Check out this graphic for more info. Lastly, when in doubt just ask in a post.

How do I turn on notifications for WODprep Masters in the group?

Below the cover photo (desktop) you’ll see a notifications dropdown which you can edit your preferences.

Can I go back and watch live coaching calls?

You sure can. Within the Facebook Community Guide, you’ll find all the live calls and video resources we’ve ever posted! 

I’m having issues with my Teachable account, help!

Drop an email to Savannah at [email protected] and she’ll help you out.

I’m not getting the WODprep Masters Weekly Digest?

Every Sunday, we put out a weekly digest covering all happenings inside the Facebook community. If you aren't receiving it, first check your spam folder. If you don’t see our weekly recap emails there then let Savannah know and she can help.

Do we get discounts on WODprep courses?

As a valued WODprep Masters member, we are giving you 40% off any of our skill / mobility and nutrition courses. These courses aren’t open to the public all year round, but you can have access anytime you like, while making huge savings!
Here’s how to get access.

Do we get programming with WODprep Masters?

Absolutely! Know that you've got rock solid programming and our expert coaches have got your back! You can find the WODprep Masters programming on the SugarWOD platform. Be sure to post your videos inside our Private Facebook community to receive coaching and feedback.

I’d like coaching but I don’t feel confident posting my videos in the group. What do you suggest?

Videos are by far the best way to get valuable feedback from our coaches. If you don’t like posting them in the group, maybe you’d be better suited to our 1-on1 coaching. You can apply here.

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