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WP Compete

  • Designed for top 10% of athletes
  • Completed in 90 - 120 minutes
  • Ideal for Open quarterfinalists
  • Program for peaking at the Open
  • Athletes can Rx CrossFit
  • Goal to build strength, increase gymnastics capacity, and aerobic conditioning


per month

WP Masters

  • 5 training days a week
  • Completed in 90 mins or less
  • Designed for masters athletes
  • Respects time, volume, & age
  • Goal is longevity in our sport
  • Support athletes on how to adjust WODs
  • Training based on the CrossFit season


per month

WP Classic

  • 5 training days a week
  • Completed in 60 mins or less
  • Shortest Track
  • Covers all elements of CrossFit
  • Full periodization cycles included
  • WODs similar style to class
  • Daily Chalk Talk (whiteboard video)


per month

WP Coaching

  • Detailed 24-hour feedback from our experienced team of coaches, breaking down specific movement patterns, providing cues to work on in your local CrossFit box.
  • Ideal for supplementing your current programming, WODprep courses and gaining more support.

WPx Programming

These tracks are designed to supplement your current programming whether that be class or by a coach.


per month


Increase movements such as pull-ups, toes to bar, muscle ups.

  • 3 days a week programming
  • 30-45 minutes duration
  • Support your class workouts
  • Focused on traditional movements
  • Improve basic fundamentals
  • Increase kipping volume


per month


Gain huge strength and new PRs in Snatch, cleans, back & front squats.

  • 3 days a week programming
  • 30-45 minutes duration
  • Clean & snatch twice a week
  • Support your class workouts
  • Focused between hang, positional, and full lift development


per month


Huge massive cardio gains and PR your running, rowing & workouts.

  • 3 days a week programming
  • 30-45 minutes duration
  • Running & rowing twice a week
  • Support your class workout
  • Focused on developing your cardio for CrossFit workouts


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Get access to ALL of WODprep's CrossFit programing, PLUS coaches.





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Get access to ALL of WODprep's CrossFit programing, PLUS coaches.

WODprep Pro Features

Periodization Cycles Focused

We do all the hard planning for you. We ensure you're hitting your goals all year round through structure programming.

Video Demos

You will always know how to do your programming from our video tutorials and have confidence you're doing it right.

24-Hour Daily Feedback

You'll feel like you've always got a coach on standby, just waiting to help you to rock your training sessions.

Join the Community

CrossFit is community. Be with like-minded athletes and share your experiences.

Programming 5 Days per Week

5 days of properly balanced training to your specific needs, and helping you to be the best athlete you can.

Tailored to Your Needs

You are unique, and so should your training. When life changes, you can easily switch to another track.

24-Hour WODprep Support

Our dedicated team are always happy to help you with any questions so that you never feel alone.

Delivered through Wodup app

Accessing your programming is super easy with just a click of the button, you can get training in seconds.

WODprep Coaching

24-hour Feedback by the WODprep Coaches

Sample Programming

Click the dropdown below to view sample programming from each of our tracks.







What Our Athletes Have to Say

"It's a supporitve, encouraging online community with like-minded individuals who enjoy CrossFit®" -Ben

“For the first time in a long time, I had that feeling of being on a team again.” -Sara

“I enjoy seeing people's PR's, because it gives me inspiration each week.” -Michelle

“It's  very nice to cheer genuine people on. It's actually really motivating for me." -Kelly

“WODprep Masters allowed me to get specfic feedback for my workouts.” -Nate

“It's a fantastic community because it's the most welcoming and helpful group you could join.” -Hakan

“It's a world class program. I have a feeling of belonging.” -Scott

"I definitely recommend WODprep Masters to my friends because you're not really going to find this extra added help within a gym." 


Meet the Coaches

Meet Head Coach Dr. CJ

Dr. CJ

Dr. Joe

WODprep Coach + Physical Therapist

WODprep Remote CrossFit Coach & Physical Therapist Kaley Kania

Dr. Kaley

WODprep Coach


WODprep Coach


Customer Happiness Manager

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Everything is included on our easy-to-use app. There's no confusing Facebook group. It's WAY better than that. You will literally have your entire gym programming and community at a touch of a button.

When you join our team, you're getting more than just CrossFit.
You're joining an online community!

Results Guaranteed


You'll feel incredibly proud of how much progress you will make!


You'll feel confident you know what to work on next!


You'll feel supported knowing the best coaches are helping you through those frustrating weaknesses!


For you, the athlete, to get peak performance from your training, and feel good about it - we have to adopt a proven method of programming. Utilizing periodization, we’re able to help you get the most of your training, smash PR’s, and you’ll feel SO good about it.

Periodization simply means, working through a planned out CrossFit season so that every area of your training is coverage in stages (cycles).

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As you work through the cycles, your body adapt to each progression. Over the year, you’ll discover how much stronger, more powerful, more agile and better cardio you’ve achieved through consistently working through each of the stages.

The WODprep team of coaches work hard so that your training is covered, and you’re constantly making gains. Better still, you’ll absolutely love the journey too.

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WP Classic

WP Masters

WPx Engine

WPx Gymnastics

WPx Weightlifting

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Grab this price while you can.

Limited time offer.


Get access to ALL of WODprep's CrossFit programing, PLUS coaches.





/per month

You're saving 30%

When you pay yearly


Get access to ALL of WODprep's CrossFit programing, PLUS coaches.

Frequently Asked Questions

At WODprep, we have an awesome support team that is dedicated to helping you have the best experience. If you have any questions or concerns, just email [email protected] and we will help. 

What do I get?


This is a once in a lifetime offer to explore all of our programming in one go.

Overall, you can try out our Classic, Compete, Masters, Gymnastics specific, Weightlifting specific, Engine specific programming, and get access to our incredible online coaching.

Combined, you’ll be able to find the perfect CrossFit programming for you, and help you achieve new heights in your CrossFit performance.

After being on WODprep Pro, you’re going to crush every workout you do.

What makes WODprep Pro different?

Led by Dr. CJ, head coach of WODprep, has helped numerous athletes qualify for the CrossFit Games.

With a PHD in physiotherapy, his knowledge on how the body moves, and how exercise needs to be adapted in accordance to each person, creates a different approach to how CrossFit is programmed.

No matter what level you’re at, I guarantee there are challenges that are stopping you from reaching your fullest potential.

This programming will help you achieve success, and get you to your peak performance.

What if it’s too hard?

With WODprep Pro, there is a track suited your lifestyle, your ability, your skills, and a focused to your needs.

Every program is scaled (up and down) to your ability, plus the gymnastics supplementary programming also includes a beginner and advanced variation to ensure that it's tailored you. 

WODprep Pro also includes a support team, and they are more than happy to find the perfect balance for you.

How do I access the programming?

Once you have signed up to WODprep Pro, you'll be invited to join WodUp via your email. Follow the instructions to sign in, and in there you'll find all the programming waiting for you.

Take your time exploring the app, and discovering where you can speak directly to coaches, and don't forget - introduce yourself to the online community.

What if I change my mind?

If you change your mind, speak to one our amazing support team, who will be able to help you with any questions you might have. We want to ensure that you have the best experience with us.

If you don't LOVE it in 30 days, you'll get 100% of your money back - guaranteed!

You can cancel at anytime, no questions asked.

What if I can't login or get stuck?

We have an incredible support team who will be able to help you within 24hours (on working days). Simply reply back to any email you have received from us, and we'll be able to sort anything as quickly as possible. 

WODprep Pro is not a template - how does that work?

We analyze people in the program (aka… YOU!), review the results, and update program based on what members need.

We use a progressive system (so you can improve, no matter your current ability levels).

In each track, we break the season up into phases, which allows us to work on different things each phase - building from ground up.