Effective WODs for busy people

The WP60 Private Track is designed for busy people who still want to get the most fun and effective WODs. Our workouts can be done at home or in your gym in less than an hour.

It’s ridiculously easy

We give you very clear instructions and guidance to maximize your results. You don’t need to workout for hours on end. Plus, our supportive community and coaches will keep you motivated. Grab your phone, open the app, workout and have fun! We’ll do the rest.

It’s rapidly become the most popular daily programming we’ve ever released.

I LOVE the programming!!! I like that there's a focus on strength, gymnastics skills and building your engine almost every day, without getting wiped out. 


I came from CompTrain and constantly felt tired, sore and beat down. This programming is just right for Masters. I love the programming. 


The prep videos are brilliant, makes it feel more personal. The video guides for each movement are fantastic as I can literally see exactly how to do everything!


What's included

• Warm-ups

• Workout of the day

• Daily educational video explanations

• Demo videos for the movements

• Scaled options

• Cool down and stretching

• Workouts you'll enjoy doing

• Daily programming

• Varied workouts

• Skills learning and progression

• Organized strategy

• Reasonable volume

• Reduced injury risk

• Perfect for Scaled and Masters athletes

100% Guaranteed results.

cancel anytime. No hassle.