This incredible programming has helped hundreds of athletes achieve just that. Through a focused program, you’ll peak at just the right time and feel the fittest you’ve ever felt.


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Why WODprep's Daily ONLINE Programming?

Are you finding yourself stuck in a fitness rut, putting in the work but hitting frustrating plateaus? Look no further – WODprep's online programming might just be the smart and fun solution you've been searching for.

At WODprep, they understand the struggles of breaking through performance barriers, and that's precisely why their daily programming is designed to help you unlock your full potential safely while injecting an element of enjoyment into your workouts.

What sets WODprep apart is their unique approach to the training week. Unlike the conventional schedule, they've strategically placed rest days on Thursday and Sunday. Why? 

Because they recognize the importance of four days dedicated to quality intensity and intent, with one day taking a backseat. Saturday, often a less active day for many athletes, aligns with this philosophy, making it an easy choice to skip if life gets in the way.

Crafted by seasoned coaches with a track record of managing gyms and guiding athletes to compete at the Games, WODprep's programming collaborates with Physical Therapists to ensure a holistic approach to fitness. 

The focus spans gymnastic skills, strength development, Olympic lifting technique, energy system training, hypertrophy movements, and auxiliary exercises – all geared towards fostering longevity in your athletic journey.

Results speak volumes, and WODprep boasts a program that consistently delivers. You'll receive a comprehensive 5-day weekly programming directly to the Wod Up app, requiring a manageable 90-120 minutes to complete. No more guesswork – every movement comes with easy-to-follow video explanations, ensuring clarity in your training.

Worried about form? Enter the coach. Through Daily Chalk Talks, Dr. CJ provides insights into the goals, intents, and stimuli of the workouts, offering guidance and confidence in your execution.

Beyond the physical aspects, WODprep understands the struggle of staying motivated, especially when life gets hectic. 

With a proven track record of coaching hundreds of athletes for years, WODprep ensures you'll feel confident, stay on track, and be supported throughout your entire fitness journey.














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  • Smart and Fun Approach

  • Strategic Training Week

  • Experienced Coaching

  • Comprehensive Training Focus

  • Proven Results

  • Convenient Delivery and Clarity

  • Form and Execution Confidence

  • Community Support

  • Long-Term Coaching Experience

WODprep's online training programming offers a smart and enjoyable solution to break through fitness plateaus. The daily programming is designed with the intention of helping individuals reach their full potential while enjoying the process.

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