Injury Rehab and Prevention | WODprep | Simple Coaching = Better Coaching
  • Is Pain or Injury preventing you from training?
  • Do you have to modify every aspect of your day?
  • Every time you go for a heavy lift and kipping gymnastic do you feel like it's ANOTHER set back?
  • Want to keep training during this time?
  • Do you want to Train Through Pain?

We have helped 100s of athletes go from pain in all pieces of their training, to being able train around their injury and all of the way to full training without pain.

We have the rehabilitation education as Licensed Physical Therapists to help you get back into training.

What sets us apart is we have the CrossFit Programming/Coaching background as well to help you reach your performance goals, either while you are in rehab or post rehab!


Need a Personal Coach?

We also offer 1-on-1 Coaching if you're not injured

Is Rehab Coaching Right for Me?