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Crossfit open 18.4 workout

CrossFit® Open 18.4 – The Complete Strategy Guide (Scaled, Masters, and Rx)

Last week’s WOD, 18.3, was a big slice of humble pie for most athletes. Especially for beginners that haven’t mastered technical movements like double unders or muscle ups. But that’s what the Open is all about: getting you out of your comfort zone! This week is no different. We have a new challenge ahead of […]

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CrossFit Open RMU BMU DU

CrossFit® Open 18.3 – The Complete Strategy Guide (Scaled, Masters, and Rx)

If 18.3 was a day of the week, it would be Wednesday. If 18.3 was a song, it would be Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer. If 18.3 was an animal, it would be a … OK I’m getting carried away here. Let’s jump into our Complete Strategy Guide for CrossFit® Open 18.3. By now you’ve hopefully […]

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CrossFit Open 18.2 workout tips

CrossFit® Open 18.2 – The Complete Strategy Guide (Scaled, Masters, and Rx)

Week two is underway! And of course, WODprep has your back for all things Open-related.Last weekend, our CrossFit® Open 18.1 Complete Strategy Guide got a ton of hits. Your feedback was incredible! Our goal is to help even more athletes this week. So before we start, we want to ask that you share this guide […]

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CrossFit Games Open 18.1 Announcement, Tips, Guide, and Strategies

CrossFit® Open 18.1 – The Complete Strategy Guide (Scaled, Masters, and Rx)

The 2018 CrossFit® Open is finally underway! This is an especially exciting and busy time of year for functional fitness athletes. Over the next five weeks, there will be a lot of discussion on strategy and performance. WODprep aims to be that go-to resource for all things Open related, starting with your 18.1 strategy. If […]

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How I Won The 2017 CrossFit® Open at 44 Years Old

Hey everyone, Brent here – one of the WODprep Coaches. Just to clarify, I didn’t win the CrossFit® Open (Mat Fraser & Sara Sigmundsdóttir did). However, I did win the Open on a very personal level, and it’s something any of us can achieve. Here’s how it all went down… In 2017, I finished 43rd […]

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too much gear

Stop Buying Workout Gear: Confessions From A Former CrossFit® Affiliate Owner

Is Your Gear Helping or Hurting Your Performance?   You see a lot of things when you are a CrossFit® coach for 5+ years and teach the majority of the classes at your gym. For example, take the cartoon above. You get somebody into the gym for their first week. You take the time to go over […]

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Hacking Fitness

Stop “Hacking” Your Fitness: Focus On This Instead.

So, it’s Super Bowl Monday, and all of our Eagles fans are waking up happy campers and everyone else is dreading going back to work…But regardless of who ‘your team’ is – if you were one of the 110-ish million people who watched the Super Bowl last night, odds are you were also part of […]

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Being Sore Sucks: Here’s How To Deal With it

On Soreness: You know that feeling when you roll out of bed and your legs say, “Nope!” Or the feeling you get right before you sit down and your glutes are like, “Take That!” How about when you reach for the top shelf and your shoulders smirk, “Too soon, Junior!” CrossFit® athletes are no stranger to soreness. Frankly speaking, […]

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Starting Simple With Handstand Push-Ups

Remember the day when handstand push-ups showed up in a WOD for the very first time in your CrossFit® life? You want me to do WHAT?! A push-up, upside down?  ​And you thought push-ups were already hard enough…Handstand push-ups can be intimidating at first. But if we take a step back and strip down the movement, get […]

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Friday Night Lights The Open

Numbers Don’t Lie: 7 Movements To Master Before The Open

In case you’re new to CrossFit®, let me take a minute to bring you up to speed. The CrossFit® Open is made up of five WODs (Workout Of the Day), announced weekly over five weeks, usually beginning around mid to late February. This year, the kick off date is February 22nd, 2018.Disclaimer: WODprep is not associated with […]

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