Wall Balls: The Ultimate Guide!

Do you struggle with wall balls? Wonder how the hell you’re supposed to catch that big heavy ball you chucked against the wall – in a squat?! And then keep going for reps? 

It’s a trickier movement than most coaches give it credit for, but today, I’m here to break it down and make sure you feel ready to take them on in class – and in the upcoming Open!

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The Ultimate Guide to Wall Balls
6 Pillars of Success for More RX Workouts for CrossFitters

If you’re a CrossFit beginner trying to figure out why you can’t do RX workouts, or if you’re an advanced CrossFitter and you’re trying to figure out how to take your game to the next level, the concepts I will reveal will help you wrap your mind around what you need to work on.

Firstly, in this article, we’re not going to talk about specific skills, and I’m not going to give you one hack to cure your double-unders.

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RX More Workouts in CrossFit! (5 Pillars of Success)
What CrossFitters can learn from Powerlifters! (3 TIPS!)

Lifting in CrossFit often gets disregarded as ‘just a strength thing’, but when you look at your lifts as skills – like you would a muscle up or toes to bar – it starts to pay off in a big way.

If you start to look at strength movements as a skill, CrossFitters can benefit from a few lessons that powerlifters really focus on.

For example, talk about ring muscle ups or handstand push-ups as very high-skill focused, but we often just overlook the squat and deadlift.

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3 Ultimate Tips That CrossFitters Can Learn From Powerlifters!
How To Always Find Time For CrossFit

Sometimes finding the time to squeeze a CrossFit session into your busy schedule can feel harder than the workout itself.

If you’re anything like me, there are times when you think you’re too busy to work out or life just feels too overwhelming, making you too stressed to work out.

But I have a question for you. When was the last time you actually regretted going and doing a CrossFit workout?

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How To Always Find Time For CrossFit: 5 Tips
How To Do Double Unders – 3 Dynamite Tips!

Double unders are a must-have skill for any CrossFitter. They’re a great way to improve your cardiovascular fitness and coordination. They are also a lot of fun!

But let’s be honest, they can also be really frustrating when you can’t seem to get them right. That’s why I’m here to give you three tips that will help you improve your double under technique.

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How To Do Double Unders – 3 Dynamite Tips!