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CrossFit Conditioning: How to Build a Bigger Engine

Ever start a workout thinking “Doesn’t look too bad, I’m gonna crush this!” only to wind up gassing out after the first couple minutes of a 15 minute WOD? It doesn’t feel good on your body or your ego. But it’s a problem you can fix. Like most of you reading, I’m not that into […]

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Rowing For CrossFit: Form, Technique & Common Mistakes

Rowing. It’s the form of cardio that we see programmed the most often in CrossFit gyms, as well as the Open. Yet way too often, I see athletes doing it wrong… Sometimes, very wrong. Yanking at the handle… not using their legs… pulling back too far to the point where they’re almost flat… we’ve all seen this guy before: Whether […]

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CrossFit Pacing

CrossFit Pacing: The Key To Perfectly Executing Workouts | WODprep

3…2…1… go! The workout of the day is Helen, and you come out at a blistering pace. The movements are just running, kettlebell swings, and pull-ups – shouldn’t be too hard… Right?  Wrong.  You overestimate your 400 meter run pace… and by the third round, you’re completely dragging. CrossFit Pacing: Why it’s important Which brings me to the topic […]

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