Want to “Rx” Your Next Workout?

Our training guide will teach you how to take your skills and performance to the next level!



Which Movement Is Your
Biggest Struggle?

Double Unders

Keep whipping yourself with the rope? We’ll teach you how to do double unders effortlessly!

Handstand Push-ups

Having trouble? Don’t worry, this training guide will give you the confidence to do HSPU.


Strict? Kipping? Butterfly? Chest to bar? Choose your struggle that we will help you improve!

Bar Muscle Ups

Still stuck in the scaled division? We’ll teach you bar muscle ups so you’ll never have to scale again!

Ring Muscle Ups

Still stuck in the scaled division?We’ll teach you muscle ups so you’ll never have to scale again!

Shoulder Mobilty

"Tight shoulders? As you already know, this KILLS your performance. We'll show you how to fix it!"

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Do You Want to Improve Your Skills & “Rx” Everything?

Have a sticking point that you can’t get past? Is there a movement or skill that you dread – one that you aren’t making progress with no matter how hard you try?

Yes? Well, you’ve come to the right place. My mission for WODprep is to help athletes from all over the world break through their sticking points, hit new PR’s, and learn to Rx every workout.

I want people to see what their bodies are truly capable of! So no matter what your skill level… and no matter where in the world you live … I’m ready to have you as a part of the “WODprep Family”.

To start, download my free guide about “How To Take Your Training To The Next Level” and I’ll teach you how to finally break through those barriers!

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