CrossFit® Quarterfinals Strategy Workout 4

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Workout 4 for the 2024 CrossFit® Quarterfinals is a strength workout! Stronger athletes will shine in this workout if they have the volume to back their strength.

Workout 4 is a clean and jerk ladder with four weight progressions, and is scored based on total reps! A tie-break time is also recorded at the completion of each weight in the ladder. Check out the full workout details and standards for Workout 4.

In this guide, we cover how to approach this workout to get the most reps at each weight and get the best score! 

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It will be important to warm up appropriately so that your body and central nervous system (CNS) are prepped to handle the heavy weights and possibly help you hit a PR.

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CrossFit® Quarterfinals Workout 4: When To Do It?

While the score for this workout is not due for submission until 5 pm PT, Monday, April 22, 2024, we recommend that you complete this workout first in the series of workouts for the quarterfinals and we recommend that you complete it on Thursday, April 18, 2024.

In addition, we recommend tackling Workout 1 on Thursday as well, after resting a minimum of 1-2 hours between the two. 

Given enough rest time, Workout 4 will not fatigue you in a way that would affect your score going into another workout (Workout 1).

This will also help get this workout out of the way and into the scheme of our recommended completion schedule. Our recommended completion schedule considers the movements and fatigue of the workouts and incorporates rest and redo days.

Setting Up Your Space & Getting Assistance

Have all of your weights and equipment laid out and ready to go before you start!

Choose weights that do not bounce and ensure that you are set up on level ground so that you do not waste time and energy chasing your barbell or stopping it from bouncing. 

If you only use one barbell, consider using multiple pre-loaded barbells or having a friend or judge assist with loading and unloading weights. If you have the space available, pre-setting bars can reduce stress, but make sure that you stay within the camera view for video submissions.

Test your setup thoroughly and familiarize yourself with the workout standards before beginning, as there are specific rules to follow.

Additional Equipment

Bring a chair, box, or bench for a designated rest spot between lifts. Make sure that your resting spot is within view of your camera, as you are NOT allowed to leave the view even during rest. However, do not sit during your lifting time; it wastes valuable seconds.

Many athletes will choose to wear wrist wraps and even knee sleeves in this workout. If you do wear extra gear, just make sure that you are not fiddling with the velcro on your straps and pulling your sleeves up and down throughout the workout.

Messing with this gear will only eat up time. Once you put them on, leave them alone! 

CrossFit® Quarterfinals Workout 4 Rep Scheme & Pacing

In this workout, our focus isn't on pacing based on heart rate or conditioning; instead, it's about ensuring we don't fail reps or push ourselves too hard before reaching the next weight.

For optimal performance, all athletes should do singles at each weight.

Performing sets or multiple reps in a row increases time under tension without significant benefit. It's crucial to conserve strength and energy for heavier weights, so rushing through the early weights is counterproductive. This is especially true if your goal is to maximize reps at the final barbell weight.

If you anticipate not reaching a certain weight, prioritize speed only when you reach your final weight, as the tie-break time upon completion of that weight determines your score. Even then, stick to singles while minimizing rest time.

If you're eyeing a personal record (PR) in this workout, avoid burning out by rushing through the early weights. Focus on singles, move efficiently, and take your time. Prepare strategically for the later weights.

Tips On Efficient Clean & Jerk Singles

Avoid following the weight down, as it drains unnecessary energy. Also, do not chase your bar if it rolls away, have a friend or your judge help stop the bar from rolling away.

Between reps, do not back up far away from the bar, and try to stay in the same spot as best as you can. Some movement is okay and natural, so don’t overthink this part and force yourself to be planted in an uncomfortable position. 

Do not sit down in between each rep. Try to keep your rest short and consistent, and count yourself down or enlist a friend or your judge to cue you when to pick the bar up again.

Make sure you are cycling the bar into the jerk if you can. This will help make the jerk easier as you will build on the momentum to get the bar up and overhead. However, this may not be doable at the heavier weights.

Start Squat Cleaning Early

If you know you are going to squat clean at a higher weight, make sure you start transitioning to squat cleans at the prior weight. This will prime that movement pattern for the next weight!

Additional Tips For The Jerk

You can push jerk or split jerk! Of course, the push jerk is much faster than the split jerk, but if the weight is challenging for you, you may want to split jerk to ensure you don’t overfatigue yourself or fail a rep. Only split jerk if you must!

Maximize Your CrossFit® Quarterfinals Performance

As you gear up for the CrossFit® Quarterfinals Workout 4, remember that success lies not just in strength but in strategy and preparation. We've outlined key tips to optimize your performance in this strength-focused test. Now, it's your turn to put them into action.

Wishing you the best of luck as you tackle Workout 4 and the rest of the Quarterfinals 2024! Keep pushing yourself, stay focused, and aim high.

Looking ahead, be sure to check out our strategy guide for Workout 1. It's the next workout we recommend completing in this series.

And if you're seeking comprehensive training and personalized coaching to take your performance to the next level, check out our courses available at WODprep Academy or our tailored 1-on-1 Coaching services.

Whether you're aiming to conquer weaknesses or refine your strengths, we're here to support you every step of the way.

Now go crush those weights and maybe even get a PR!

CrossFit® Quarterfinals 2024 Strategy workout four

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