CrossFit® Quarterfinals Strategy Workout 2

Written By Kara Guertin  |  The Open 

Workout 2 of the 2024 CrossFit® Quarterfinals, we have a engine workout, featuring everyone’s favorite movements; wall balls and burpee box jump-overs (kidding)!

Get ready to push your limits with this intense workout. Even though this is “For-Time”, it will be a long 20-minute time-capped workout for most athletes. It will be important to stay in the game by pacing, pacing, pacing!

In this guide, we cover technique tips and how to pace the wall ball shots and the burpees so you can maximize your score! Whether you're aiming for the top of the leaderboard or a personal best, our tips will help you handle this grueling workout with a strong mind.

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You won’t need to do a complex or long warm-up for this workout. However, in addition to prepping for the wall ball and burpee movement, you’ll want to get your heart rate up in the warm- up, so your system isn’t shocked when starting the workout.

We provide a warm-up and have live strategy discussions with our private WODprep programming group. If you’re looking to be competitive or smoothly hit these Quarterfinals workouts, join our group now!

CrossFit® Quarterfinals Workout 2: When To Do It?

We recommend completing Workout 2 on Friday, April 19, 2024.

Following our recommended workout completion schedule allows for strategic rest and redo days while meeting submission requirements, and optimizing performance by considering movement demands and fatigue levels across workouts.

Workout 2 submission is due by 5 pm PT, Saturday, April 19, 2024.

This is not a workout we recommend redoing! It will be too taxing to repeat, with little chance of significant improvement (especially, if you’re going into it the first time after reading our guide)!

CrossFit® Quarterfinals Workout 2 Rep Scheme & Pacing

It will be important to pace this workout so that you do not red line, ensuring you can maintain constant movement to chip away at the reps, pausing only briefly for any rest needed. Regarding the feel, reflect back on your 24.2 open workout pace, to ensure steady progress during the workout.

While the workout is only 3 rounds, it has a lot of volume packed in. Volume, that many athletes don’t train for with these movements.

With this said, you could easily start out way too fast and burn out. Aim for a pace around your 80% throughout the workout, only pushing to the max at the very end, if there is anything left in the tank.

If you have been following any of our WODprep programming or completed our Endless Engine course, you should be in good shape and ready for this workout!

Wall Ball Rep Scheme For 2024 Quarterfinals Workout 2

Break down the wall-ball shots into manageable sets to maintain consistency and avoid early fatigue. Consider sets of 10 reps with brief rests, although elite athletes may opt for larger sets, such as sets of 25 reps, if they can maintain speed and accuracy. It’s 150 wall balls total, so you don’t want to have to throw any extra due to no reps!

This workout is going to poke holes into your wall ball form, so hopefully you are prepared! If not, check out our “Ultimate Guide to Wall Balls” for tips on improving your wall ball technique.

If you’re looking for comprehensive training and personalized coaching to take your performance to the next level, check out our courses available at or our tailored services.

Whether you're aiming to conquer weaknesses or refine your strengths, we're here to support you every step of the way!

Burpee Box Jump-Over Technique For Quarterfinals Workout 2

Preserve energy and prioritize efficiency during the burpee box-over by keeping your arms fresh and avoiding excessive lowering on each rep. 

Additionally, do not take any unnecessary steps in this movement. We often see athletes take too many steps while going down for the burpee, getting up and stepping up close enough to the box, getting on the box, stepping off of the box, and getting down for the burpee again. A lot of time and energy can be drained here. Take as few steps as possible!

For this workout, the athlete is required to step down from the box. If you jump down, it will count as a no rep, and you will be required to restart the movement to earn the point. Typically, we recommend using the step-up/step-down method to minimize energy expenditure, but in this instance, we suggest jumping up and then stepping down.

You can start by positioning yourself at a slight angle to the box vs. being perfectly lateral. A strict lateral position is not required. If you are trying to speed up your reps, and you are comfortable with being completely lateral, that is the faster position. Some people find that more challenging.

For the burpee, place your hands just past or in front of the box, so that your hips line up with about the middle of the box (where you will be stepping up). Then, jump back into your burpee.

Step up from your burpee with your outside foot first, then step up your inside foot. Jump laterally onto the box, staying the same direction while traveling over the box, and ensure that you step down from the box. The standards do not allow you to jump down from the box.

Regarding your pace for the burpees, you should be constantly moving and not taking any rest. Maintain a pace where you can do that.

Aim To Complete The CrossFit® Quarterfinals Workout 2 Within The Time Cap

We believe it will be a great goal for most athletes to aim to complete the workout within the time cap! With our provided strategies and tips, you'll be well-equipped to tackle CrossFit® Quarterfinals Workout 2. We hope our guide helps you get your best possible time for this workout!

We wish you the best of luck on Workout 2 and the rest of the Quarterfinals 2024! Keep pushing yourself, stay focused, and aim high.

Be sure to check out our strategy guide for Workout 3. It's the next workout we recommend completing in this series.

CrossFit® Quarterfinals 2024 Strategy workout two

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