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banded pull-ups drill

Banded Pull-ups: Are They Really The Best Way To Develop Strict Strength?

When Strict Pull-ups are programmed in the gym, what do you default to if you can’t do them? For most athletes, it’s banded pull-ups. Don’t get me wrong; they have their place, but adding in other exercises will help to build strength in areas banded pull-ups fail to target.  Strict pull-ups are the foundation of […]

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crossfit 20.2 workout

10 Best Beginner CrossFit Workouts

If you’re new to CrossFit, the last workout you want to be faced with is a suffer-fest of Pull-ups and Thrusters! I’ve picked out some beginner-friendly exercises and programmed them in such a way that you’ll be eased in gently, at your own pace. I’ve included a ton of scaling options to meet you where […]

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My take on Greg Glassman’s comments

Our community CAN help knock down the walls of racism. Our community CAN rise together and take a stand for what is right. Our community is not just about helping the upper middle class get slightly better at exercising more quickly. It can be used to transform people’s perceptions.

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CrossFit 20.5

CrossFit 20.5 – The Ultimate Strategy Guide for Rx, Scaled, Masters

Welcome to your fifth and final week of the 2020 CrossFit Open! CrossFit 20.5 is here… and so are 40 ring muscle ups.  (or chest to bar pull-ups, or chin over the bar pull-ups, or jumping C2B – depending if you’re a Masters or Scaled athlete).  Don’t freak out – the 20.5 Strategy Guide is here to save […]

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20.5 CrossFit

20.5 CrossFit Workout: Ring Muscle Ups Have Arrived | WODprep

20.5 CrossFit is here – and we’re looking at a workout like nothing we’ve seen programmed in the Open before.  Strategy is going to be key here, folks. Let’s take a look at what we’re dealing with… 20.5 CrossFit Announcement & StrategyFor the full 20.5 workout standards and description, head here.  CrossFit 20.5: Quick TipsYou should be […]

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clean and jerks

CrossFit Open 20.4: Ultimate Strategy Guide For Rx, Scaled & Masters | WODprep

CrossFit Open 20.4 is officially here, and we’ve got a full-length strategy guide for Rx, Masters and Scaled athletes.  Regardless of which movement is going to slow you down in this long, heavy chipper workout, let’s get a plan in place to tackle it. Here’s the CrossFit Open 20.4 Workout: With increasing weight on the clean and jerks […]

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20.4 crossfit

20.4 CrossFit: It’s Chipper Time | WODprep

Week 4!  20.4 CrossFit workout is live, and we have a long, heavy chipper on our hands. And – another new movement!  Take a look: As always, make sure that you head to the CrossFit® website for the full 20.4 CrossFit workout standards and movement descriptions. >>> For our full-length 20.4 CrossFit Strategy Guide (Rx, Scaled, and Masters) – […]

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crossfit 20.3

CrossFit 20.3 (Repeat Time) Full Strategy Guide For Rx, Scaled & Masters | WODprep

Week 3, as many predicted, is a repeat. CrossFit 20.3 is 18.4. Let’s take a look at the workout: Here’s our full-length 20.3 Strategy Video that includes tips for Rx, Scaled, and Masters: Last like in 2018, I’m going to heavily caution safety first with this one. I encourage scaling when in doubt – these weights are […]

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Crossfit 20.3

CrossFit Open 20.3… We’ve Seen This One Before | WODprep

We’ve got a repeat on our hands, folks. CrossFit Open 20.3 is… 18.4.CrossFit Open 20.3: Quick Tips We’ve seen this before. The HSPU standards are challenging, and the deadlifts – for some of us – will get heavy.>>> Head here for our full CrossFit 20.3 Strategy Guide>>> Looking for CrossFit Open 20.4 Strategy?>>> Looking for 20.5 CrossFit […]

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crossfit 20.2 workout

CrossFit 20.2 Open Workout: Ultimate Strategy For Rx, Scaled, Masters | WODprep

For CrossFit 20.2, we’re looking at a 20 minute long triplet… and a brand new movement.  Thrusters are never something to be taken likely, but these heavy dumbbell thrusters add a whole new twist.  Ready to make a 20.2 game plan?  First, here’s the workout… CrossFit 20.2 WOD Head here for the full CrossFit 20.2 standards and movement specifications.CrossFit 20.2: […]

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