Snatch More Weight With These 5 Drills!

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Today, I’m going to bring you some tips and drills to help you crush your snatch PR. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced lifter, these drills will help you refine your technique, build strength, and boost your confidence under the bar.

Before we dive in, let me be clear: I'm not an Olympic weightlifter. I'm just a guy who loves CrossFit® and wants to share what has worked for me.

So, let's get started!

Drill 1: Snatch Deadlift to the Knee

Let's talk about the first pull—the snatch deadlift to the knee. This drill hones in on the initial phase of the snatch, where many lifters, especially CrossFitters, struggle.

The key here is maintaining your back angle while extending the knees, without letting the hips shoot up too quickly.

This drill is fundamental for developing the proper mechanics and muscle memory required for a successful snatch. By mastering the snatch deadlift to the knee, you'll lay a solid foundation for the rest of your lifting journey.

Drill 2: Dip Snatch

Now, let's focus on making contact with your hips to the bar. Enter the dip snatch. By driving your hips upward from the high hang position, you'll learn where the bar should make contact and how to generate explosive power from your hips.

The dip snatch is an excellent drill for refining your bar path and enhancing your ability to generate power efficiently.

As you incorporate this drill into your training regimen, pay close attention to the timing and coordination of your movements to maximize its effectiveness.

Snatch More Weight With These 5 Drills

Drill 3: Tall Snatch

Speed under the bar is crucial for a successful snatch. The tall snatch drill helps you develop lightning-fast turnover by emphasizing the rapid descent under the bar from a fully extended position.

Practice this drill with precision and intention, focusing on maintaining proper posture and balance throughout the movement. With consistent effort and attention to detail, you'll notice significant improvements in your speed and agility during the snatch.

Drill 4: Snatch Balance

To improve your lockout power and speed under the bar, try the snatch balance. This drill teaches you to drop quickly into the overhead squat position while actively pressing the weight overhead.

The snatch balance is a challenging yet rewarding exercise that demands coordination, strength, and flexibility. As you engage in this drill, embrace the discomfort and challenge yourself to push beyond your perceived limits.

Your efforts will be rewarded with increased stability and confidence in the bottom position of the snatch.

Drill 5: Overhead Squat Holds

Finally, let's get comfortable in the bottom position with overhead squat holds. Spending time in this awkward position builds strength, stability, and confidence—essential ingredients for a successful snatch.

As you hold the weight overhead in the bottom position of the squat, focus on maintaining a solid foundation and deepening your range of motion over time. Embrace the discomfort and embrace the opportunity to strengthen both your body and mind.

These drills, when practiced consistently and with focus, can lead to significant improvements in your snatch technique and performance. 

So, what's next?

So, there you have it—five drills to help you snatch more weight and reach new PRs. Remember, progress takes time and dedication, but with the right tools and mindset, you can achieve your lifting goals.

Now, it's your turn. Incorporate these drills into your training, stay patient, and watch those numbers climb. Here's to crushing your next snatch session!

Until next time, keep lifting, keep learning, and keep pushing the limits of what you thought possible. 

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