The Obstacle (COVID-19) Is The Way

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I started reading The Obstacle Is The Way by Ryan Holiday. I ordered this from Amazon when shit started to get real with COVID-19. Why? Because I’m determined not to join the pity parties around me. I’m determined to come out the other side of this crazy, life-changing experience with some positively life-changing results.

In his book, Holiday says that obstacles are not only to be expected, but embraced. 

“These obstacles are actually opportunities to test ourselves, to try new things, and, ultimately, to triumph.” 

The obstacle is the way!

Yeah I know, COVID-19 is a pretty big obstacle, as far as obstacles go. But hear me out…

The 90-10 Rule

Ever heard of the 90-10 rule? It states that 10% of life is what happens to us, and 90% is how we respond. This video by Dr Mike Evans explores how traits like openness to change and only concerning ourselves with things we can control, actually has positive effects on our physical health.

The 90-10 Rule.

In situations like the pandemic of COVID-19, it can seem like our whole lives are entirely out of our control. Yet when we believe that how we respond makes up a massive 90% of how things will turn out for us, that’s a powerful concept.

The Power of Positivity

Here are some practices I’ve introduced to my life since ‘shit got real’:

  1. My number one rule – do not engage in the spreading of fear, panic and rumours. Stick to the facts and facts only.
  2. Avoid mindless negative chatter. Everyone wants to discuss how ‘scary’ this situation is but partaking in those conversations just instills more worry and initiates a depressive mindset.
  3. Practice gratefulness. Spend a few minutes each day reminding yourself of what you’re grateful for. Relationships, sunshine, health, the roof over your head? There are always positives if we look hard enough, and taking time to reflect on them can have a dramatic effect on how our day pans out.
  4. Search for opportunities. Opportunity may seem at an all-time low right now, but with a bit of effort, I’m confident we can all find an opportunity in the muddle that is life right now. Out of work? Use it as an opportunity to learn new skills. Business unable to continue operating as normal? How can you evolve your services to accommodate this new normal? It might be a steep learning curve but one which, in the long run, could pay off in big ways when you come out the other side.
  5. Move every day. Being a weightlifter with no access to a weightlifting gym, I should be devastated at not being able to train optimally. But honestly, I’m embracing the challenge. I started by listing out the things I CAN do with very limited equipment and space, and was pleasantly surprised by what I could do from home. At WODprep, we’ve done the same for you as a CrossFitter who doesn’t want their skills to go down the tube…

Recognizing that each individual athlete is going to have different setups and limitations, we’ve made a list of all the skills we cater for in our 8 week fully coached courses – and the equipment required for each.

What Are Your Lockdown Goals?

Many athletes I speak to are just hoping to scrape by when it comes to fitness over the next few months…

“If I can just not lose too much strength, I’ll be happy”

“Maybe I’ll get fitter with all this running

“Now I might have time to focus on my nagging shoulders

“At least my push ups could improve over the next few months”


Why not have bigger, bolder aspirations for yourself?

Why not set your heart on a goal of your first strict pull-up? Or doubling your handstand push up capacity? 100 double unders

My first strict pull-up!

Why not (virtually) invite our expert coaches into your home gym/garage/living room for valuable feedback on your form as you go?

What if you could come out the other side of this with new Rx skills you never made time to work on before? Wouldn’t that be a pretty sweet silver lining…

Want to see some sample programming for all the courses we have open? Head to our preview page to check out the work you could be getting on with – starting right now! 

Now is the time to make the progress others are letting fall by the wayside. Test yourself. Try new things. Triumph. The only way around the obstacle is through. 

  • I am 64 and have witnessed when tragedy occurs opportunity for those who look is there. I know that things will get better and that as you say staying positive is a good place to be right now. I think that the great thing about crossfit and its community is the underlying factor ( taking care of your body). both in physical fitness and in nutrition. being healthy certainly helps with this virus exploding around us.
    I think that crossfit has always helped me keep my priorities straight which I didnt always do before I started crossfit.
    I think the 3 p’s will get us through this craziness.

  • Thank you for the excellent content you publish.
    I found, among other things, several great book suggestions.

    Hugs from Brazil.

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