Master the Art of Triple Unders: A Step-by-Step Guide

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In the world of jump rope workouts, triple unders are considered a challenging and impressive skill to master. This advanced jump rope technique involves passing the rope underneath your feet three times for every jump.

In this article, we will provide you with valuable tips and techniques to help you learn and perfect the art of triple unders.

Here's what we'll cover to help you nail triple unders in your next WOD!

  • Let's crush the proper triple under technique
  • How high do I need to jump?
  • How fast does my rope speed need to be?
  • How important is the rope length?
  • How to perfect the timing for triple unders?
  • Does choosing the right rope matter?

1. Proficiency in Double Unders:

Before attempting triple unders, it is crucial to be proficient in double unders. Double unders require the rope to pass under your feet twice per jump.

Ensure that you can consistently perform at least 25 double unders unbroken before progressing to triple unders. Practice and refine your double unders technique to build a solid foundation for learning triples.

2. Proper Technique:

Many elements of proper technique for double unders also apply to triple unders. Focus on maintaining correct posture, with your chest up, shoulders back, and eyes looking straight ahead.

Keep your feet and knees close together with a slight bend in your knees, and remain on the balls of your feet throughout the exercise. Avoid excessive arm movement and rotate the rope using your wrists rather than your entire arm.

3. Jump Height and Bounding:

To execute triple unders successfully, you need to jump higher compared to double unders. Work on increasing your vertical jump height by bounding off the balls of your feet.

This extra jump height allows more time for the rope to complete three rotations. Practice jumping in a vertical plane, keeping your knees slightly bent, and your toes pointed upward.

4. Rope Speed:

Triple unders require a faster rope speed than double unders due to the need for three rotations.

Increase the speed of the rope by moving your wrists swiftly while maintaining control. Focus on finding the right tempo and rhythm to match the rotation of the rope with your jumps.

Master the Art of Triple Unders A Step by Step Guide

5. Rope Length:

The length of the rope is crucial for efficient triple unders. If you have been shortening the rope for double unders, consider adjusting it even shorter for triples.

The goal is to clear the rope just above your head and adjust it for the rope to rotate three times under your feet. Experiment with rope length to find the optimal setting that allows for smooth and precise rotations.

6. Timing and Coordination:

Timing is key to executing triple unders successfully. As the rope comes down in front of your toes, initiate your jump, leaving the ground just as the rope barely clears your toes.

Coordinate your jumps with the rotations of the rope so that you reach the peak of your jump when the second rotation comes around. Focus on maintaining a consistent rhythm throughout the triple unders sequence.

If timing and coordination aren't your thing, then check out our article on progressions. This will help you go to the next level.

7. Choosing the Right Rope:

When starting to learn triple unders, using a lightweight rope, such as the RX Smart Gear Hiker rope, can be beneficial. It allows for faster rotation, enabling you to adapt to the technique.

Once you become proficient, you can transition to heavier ropes, such as the RX Smart Gear Elite rope, which provides more feedback and control.

If you're looking for a new rope, you need to check out this article on how to find the perfect rope.

To Summarize

Mastering triple unders requires practice, patience, and attention to detail. By following the tips and techniques outlined in this article, you can improve your triple unders skills gradually.

Remember to focus on proper technique, jump height, rope speed, rope length, and timing. With dedication and perseverance, you'll soon be executing impressive triple unders effortlessly. Keep practicing, stay consistent, and enjoy the journey of becoming a proficient triple unders jumper.

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