Step By Step Guide On Why You Should Choose Online Personalized CrossFit® Coaching

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Ever wondered what it's like to have your own personal coach?

If you're on a mission to crush your fitness goals, whether that means bouncing back from an injury or taking your performance to the next level, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Join us as we dive into the world of one-on-one coaching with the main man himself, Dr. CJ DePalma, and find out how this tailored approach can help you unleash your inner champ.

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Step By Step Guide On Why You Should Choose Online Personalized CrossFit Coaching

The Lowdown on the Discovery Call

It all kicks off with a chat with WODprep’s Head of Programming - Dr. CJ, or Coach CJ, as he's known.

In this first convo, it's all about getting to know you;

  • Your background

  • Your needs

  • What challenges you're tackling 

Whether you're dealing with injuries or aiming for that gold medal performance, this chat is about creating a coaching experience that's all about you.

Coach CJ will hit you with some deep questions to really get what makes you tick, making sure that what you need matches up with what WODprep has to offer.

Finding Your Perfect Match

Once we’re confident that this is absolutely for you and ready to roll, it's time to talk turkey – or, in this case, your goal.

The CrossFit® programming can vary depending on how much coaching and support you want.

But here’s the most crucial detail…..

Coach CJ will also talk about finding the right coach for you.

He'll take a look at your needs and what you prefer, making sure you're paired up with one of his top coaches from the WODprep team.

Each coach is a specialist in their own area, so this matchmaking part is key. Coach CJ's aim here is not just to get your commitment but to make sure your coach totally gets where you're coming from.

Continue reading to the bottom to discover why our coaches are the best for CrossFit®.

Your Personal Game Plan

With all the formal stuff out of the way, you'll be hooked up with your coach. They'll hit you with a detailed chat to figure out all the nitty-gritty stuff like your training history, past injuries, and what you're gunning for.

Unlike the first call, which is all about the intro, this one is all about figuring out exactly what you need to deliver the best fitness program plan for you.

After this chat, you'll kick off an assessment period, which usually takes about a week but can change depending on your goals, your background, and all that good stuff.

During this phase, your coach will whip up a training program just for you. It's like having a fitness plan tailored to your unique needs, your equipment, and your schedule.

A Totally One-of-a-Kind Experience

Here's where the real magic happens – your day-to-day grind with your coach. Coach CJ wants you to know that this experience is all about you.

While there's a general rule that most people shouldn't hit the gym more than five days a week for a few hours each time, everything else is about you.

Your training plan is all about your goals and what you can handle, making sure you've got the support you need to kick butt.

The length of your daily training can vary, anywhere from one hour to two, depending on what you like, your job, how stressed you are, and what gear you've got.

But one thing's for sure – you won't get handed a generic workout. Everything is tailor-made just for you.

Why Go Personal?

You might be thinking, why not just follow some cookie-cutter workout plan?

Those templates are made for a broad crowd and might not fit your unique situation. One-on-one coaching is all about getting super personal, addressing your weak spots and challenges head-on.

This personalized approach usually gets you results faster because your coach knows exactly what you need and can adjust your plan accordingly.

Whether you're coming back from an injury or aiming for a big goal, this kind of coaching gives you the best shot at success.

Getting Started: No Need to Wait

Wondering how long it takes to see if this personal coaching gig is right for you?

Well, some programs lock you in for three to six months, but with WODprep, it’s all about flexibility. There are no long contracts, so you can give it a shot without feeling tied down.

Saying that, most people start feeling the benefits of one-on-one coaching in just a couple of weeks. They love the accountability, feedback, and workouts tailored just for them.

There's no need to wait – if you want to start, now's the perfect time.

Beating Injuries with Personal Coaching

Constantly getting niggles and injuries or maybe you're working through one right now?

Personal coaching can be a game-changer. Three out of Coach CJ's five coaches are licensed physical therapists who are on the ball. This unique setup lets them handle your coaching and help you manage your injuries all in one place.

Injuries don't have to mess up your fitness game.

With a personal coach, you can keep making progress while dealing with specific injuries. Your coach will tweak your program to make sure you can still work on your fitness goals while taking care of your injury.

It’s our goal to help you to keep moving forward.

No Fitness Level Requirement

Think you need to be a pro athlete to benefit from personal coaching?

That's just not true.

All you need is the desire to invest in yourself and get better. His coaching services are open to anyone who wants to level up, no matter where you're starting from.

In a nutshell, taking the plunge into one-on-one coaching with WODprep is a game-changer.

It's a journey that's open to anyone ready to invest in themselves, whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out.

With a dedicated coach by your side, you can unlock your full potential and score the results you've always dreamed of.

Don't wait for the "perfect" time – your journey to greatness starts right now!

To sign up, click the link and book a time that suits you.

It’s a personal experience starting from the first call.

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