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Core Smorgasbord

Written By Charleh Knighton  |  Wall Walks 

20 minute AMRAP
12/10 Calorie Row
10 TTB
3 Wall Walks


WODprep Strategy Top Tips:

So, for the rowing part, you don’t need to go all-out crazy. It’s just 12/10 calories we’re talking about. The trick here is to keep a nice, steady pace instead of zooming off right from the start.

When you’re rowing, make sure your technique is on point. Don’t forget to sit up tall and engage that core of yours. Let’s not waste energy by yanking the handle too far back or slouching forward in the catch. Short and snappy strokes are where it’s at for efficiency.

Now, let’s dive into those toes-to-bar. No need to tackle all 10 reps at once if it’s beyond your capacity. Break it down into chunks that feel doable; maybe try 5 reps, take a breather, then hit the remaining 5. Or split it into 4-3-3, whatever floats your boat.

The trick with TTB is to use your body’s rhythm to your advantage. Get those hips into gear and let that momentum give your legs a boost. 

If you need to scale the TTB; think about trying knees-to-chest or hanging knee raises. 

Last but not least, the wall walks. These babies can be a bit of a shoulder and core challenge, so take it easy at first. Keep that core tight and those glutes in the game to create a solid plank against the wall.


Burning out on wall walks? Check out our video to get the BEST strategies:

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