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Written By Charleh Knighton  |  Wall Walks 

For Time
3 Wall Walks
30 Wallballs
4 Wall Walks
40 Wall Balls (20lbs/14lbs)
5 Wall Walks
50 Wall Balls


WODprep Strategy Top Tips:

To start off, we’ll do 3 wall walks. Take your time and focus on maintaining a steady rhythm. It’s important to engage your shoulders, core, and legs to move smoothly up and down the wall.

Next up is wall balls. Grab a medicine ball and head over to the wall. You’ll be doing 30 wall balls with good form. Remember to squat deeply, generating power from your legs, and throw the ball up to the target height on the wall. 

Now it’s time for 4 wall walks. You might start feeling a bit fatigued at this point, but don’t worry. Keep your body tight and engage your core throughout the movement.

After the wall walks, return to the medicine ball for 40 wall balls. If you need to break up the reps, go ahead, but try to keep your breaks short to minimize rest time.

Now, let’s do 5 wall walks. This is the final set of wall walks, so give it your all. Use efficient movement and make each rep count.

Last but not least, we’ll finish the workout with 50 wall balls. This is the highest number of reps, so it’s important to pace yourself accordingly. You’ve got this!


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