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Run, Baby, Run

Written By Charleh Knighton  |  Conditioning 

400m Run
21 Thrusters @ 95lbs/65 lbs
400-meter Run
15 Thrusters @115lbs/75lbs
400-meter Run
9 Thrusters @135lbs/95lbs
400-meter Run


WODprep Strategy Top Tips:

There’s nothing like starting off the week with some thrusters and running, but don’t worry; the week can only go up from here.

From the start, focus on finding a sustainable pace. The 400-meter runs are like your recovery periods between the thrusters. Use them to catch your breath and get ready for the next set.

For the first round, you’ve got 21 thrusters at 95lbs/65lbs. Try to break them up into smaller sets to make it more manageable. Maybe something like 11-5-5 or 7-7-7, with short breaks in between. 

After finishing that round, transition smoothly into the next 400-meter run. Use this run to recover and mentally prepare for the next round.

Now, the second round. You’ve got 15 thrusters at 115lbs/75lbs. Since the weight has increased, you’ll need to adjust your strategy a bit. Break the thrusters into smaller sets, like 8-7 or 5-5-5, depending on how you feel. Focus on your breathing, taking deep breaths before each set and exhaling forcefully during the upward movement.

Once you finish the second round, it’s time for the third and final 400-meter run. Use this run to recover as much as possible before tackling the last set.

The last round consists of 9 thrusters at 135lbs/95lbs. This is where you’ll really need to preserve your energy. Break the thrusters into even smaller sets, like 3 or 4 reps at a time, with short breaks in between. Stay mentally strong and push through any fatigue.

Once you finish that last set of thrusters, give it everything you’ve got on the final 400-meter run. Push your pace and finish strong!


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