Workout of the Day

Strategy Game

4 minute AMRAP
10 Front Squats (105lbs/75lbs)
10 Lateral BOB

rest 2:00

4 minute AMRAP
10 Power Cleans (105lbs/75lbs)
10 Pushups

rest 2:00

4 minute AMRAP
10 Shoulder to Overhead (105lbs/75lbs)
10 Calorie Row


WODprep Strategy Top Tips:

Today’s workout is as pure CrossFit as you can get. Three couplets, one after the other, focusing on barbell work with another movement to raise your heart rate. Even though it’s a 4 minute AMRAP, it will still hurt.

For this kind of workout, you want to push the pace while holding the same time for each round. Before starting this workout, write down how long it will take you do a round, therefore, how many rounds to aim for in each AMRAP.

For example, if you think it’ll take a minute to do a round in part A, then aim to complete 4 rounds in total. That way, you know you’ll be aiming for an even split per round. Repeat this process for each AMRAP.


Looking to get stronger overhead? Check out the video below:

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