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Three’s Company

Written By Charleh Knighton  |  Weightlifting 

20:00 Running Clock (3 Scores)

2k Row for time (score 1)


5 Rounds for time (Score 2)
5 Devil Press @50lbs/35lbs
10 TTB

with the remaining time

Establish a Heavy Power Snatch (Score 3)


WODprep Strategy Top Tips:

One of the most powerful stimuli you can train is lifting heavy combined with engine work. At CrossFit’s foundations, training to have the ability to switch from heavy lifting to running is what it’s all about- doesn’t mean we hate it any less!

You shouldn’t feel burnt out in this workout, but your legs will feel it for sure. Part A is about raising your heart rate and pushing your engine. This will help you to pace yourself as you don’t want to be completely gassed out when you go into part B. 

In part B, there isn’t a huge volume to slow you down, so find a pace you can consistently hold. However, the shoulders will get a hit, so if you’re looking at this workout and think you’re going to struggle to hold a meaty pace, then think about emphasising your legs more in part A.

Finally part C. It’s go time. Your shoulders and legs will be tired by this point, and you’ll no doubt be breathing heavy. Use your breathe work to slow down your heart rate, and focus on the lift at hand. There won’t be a huge amount of time, so concentrate on your form and drive your legs. This is about practicing what you can do under fatigue, Open style.


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