Workout of the Day

Grunt Work

Written By Charleh Knighton  |  Weightlifting 

Clean and Jerk
10×1 @70% (technique focus)

rest as needed between sets

5 rounds for time
15 Cal Row
100m Farmers Carry @70lbs/50lbs DBs (no KBs)


WODprep Strategy Top Tips:

Fun one today! Let’s go!

We’re kicking off Wednesday with some 70% clean and jerks and really focusing on good form. It’s not glamorous, but lowering the weight, and making sure the technique is right will help you get more PRs in the long run. Focus on driving through the legs, from the middle of your feet, and once you’ve hit full extension, drop down into the squat as quickly as possible. A top tip is to film yourself and watch your clean and jerk on repeat. Adjust accordingly in your next lift.

Next, it’s time to get a sweat on. This isn’t a high-skill workout, again, we want to make sure we’re pacing and getting the best possible row. Again, a top tip, is to make sure you’re pulling the handle from the screen, keeping your back straight and driving through the legs.

Is your front rack holding you back on your cleans? Watch to find out more: 

Do you struggle with front rack mobility and position during the power clean or front squat? Try these drills!

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