CrossFit® Handstand Walks: Step-by-Step Progression

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In this tutorial, I'll be guiding you through a step-by-step approach to mastering handstand walks. A common mistake many people make when attempting handstand walks is jumping or kicking into it without proper progression.

This often leads to frustration and failure. I'm here to help you avoid that by providing a structured plan that builds your confidence and skills for successful handstand walks.

Let's dive in.

Looking to nail CrossFit® Handstand Walks?

The first key is to become comfortable with being upside down.

Level 1: Kicking Upside Down

At this stage, we start with kicking up against a wall. This helps you establish balance and core stability in a controlled manner.

Your goal is to kick up and maintain the handstand position for about 20 to 30 seconds, focusing on keeping your core engaged and legs together. Practice this until you can confidently kick up and down with control.

Level 2: The Hand Lift

Now we introduce some dynamic movement. To perform a successful handstand walk, you need to shift your weight between your hands. Begin by practicing hand lifts against the wall.

Kick up, then lift one hand slightly off the ground, shift your weight, and switch hands. The aim is to maintain a steady rhythm as if you're taking steps. This builds the foundational skill for handstand walks.

CrossFit Handstand Walks Step by Step Progression

Level 3: Shoulder Tapping

Incorporate shoulder taps into your practice. While in a handstand against the wall, lift one hand and touch your shoulder before placing it back on the ground.

This drill reinforces weight shifting and balance. It might be challenging initially, but with practice, you'll improve your control and coordination.

Level 4: Walk Around the World

Here, we bring in a box. The box serves as a platform to practice weight shifting. In a piked handstand push-up position against the wall, you'll walk your hands around the box, simulating the motion of a handstand walk. This drill is excellent for building core strength and balance.

Level 5: CrossFit® Handstand Walks

Finally, we're ready to attempt handstand walks. If possible, have a partner hold a PVC pipe above you for support.

Kick up and attempt to walk on your hands. Alternatively, you can practice wall walk aways or walk into the wall, ensuring you have a safe way to return to balance. These drills provide the transition you need before fully achieving handstand walks.

Remember, if you're seeking more detailed guidance, I've created a comprehensive guide called "The Ultimate Guide to Handstand Walks." You can access it for free by visiting

And if you're interested in a comprehensive training program, including not just handstand walks but various CrossFit® skills, consider joining WODprep Academy, where we offer step-by-step courses to help you master each skill.

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