How To Get Your First Handstand Walk Steps

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Today, I've got some serious handstand walk steps to share with you, so if you're tired of face planting during your handstand walk attempts, stick around.

Now, let's dive right into it. If you're aiming to conquer handstand walks, whether it's for your CrossFit open workouts, local competitions, or just a personal challenge, I've got a step-by-step process that's been a game-changer for thousands of athletes in our online Handstand Walk course.

Before we we break down the steps, if you’re looking for more advanced handstand walk stills, check out this awesome link.

First things first, let's talk about prerequisites.

Just as a baby doesn't start sprinting before crawling, we can't expect to master handstand walks without some foundational work. We will build up to it step by step, ensuring you're confident and ready to tackle those unbroken steps.

If you're not sure how to kick up into a handstand, check out this article.

Nose-to-Wall Hold

Starting off, we've got the nose-to-wall handstand hold. Instead of kicking up into a regular handstand position, we're flipping it around. You'll walk your hands towards the wall until your nose and toes touch it.

Maintain that solid, hollow body shape with your feet together; glutes squeezed, and core engaged. Aim for about 30 seconds of unbroken holds.

Handstand Rock

Moving on to the handstand rock, which teaches your body how to shift weight and find balance.

With your nose still facing the wall, and hands slightly away, practice rocking back and forth by flexing only at the shoulders. This helps you understand different balance points and prepare your shoulders for the challenge.

How To Get Your First Handstand Walk Steps

Wall Runs (Handstand Shoulder Taps)

Now, let's get into wall runs, also known as shoulder taps. Here, you'll practice shifting weight from side to side while maintaining that solid, hollow body position.

The goal is to tap your opposite shoulder with one hand while balancing on the other. Keep it smooth and controlled, with no pauses in between reps. Strive for 10 to 15 reps of this exercise.

Walk Away from the Wall

Level four introduces the walk away. This time, you're actually going to kick yourself off the wall.

The idea is to find your balance point and take a few steps away from the wall before dropping back down. Focus on a controlled vertical position, feet together, core tight, and gradually step away to build confidence.

Assisted Handstand Walk

Finally, my absolute favorite, level five: the assisted handstand walk. Here's where a spotter with a PVC pipe comes in. Position yourself in front of the person attempting the walk.

Hold the PVC pipe out in front, providing a safety net. The walker kicks up into the handstand, and you slowly step away, acting as a stable wall. This gives them the chance to experience handstand walking in a controlled environment.

Looking for more handstand walk progressions? Check out this link for more.

To Summarize

And that's the breakdown of the progression. Remember, everyone's journey is unique, so take your time and progress at your own pace. Share in the comments which level resonates with you right now and what you plan to work on moving forward.

You can access more free handstand walk coaching from WODprep: join a supportive group of like-minded athletes and enhance your performance.

Just click the link here to access our incredible handstand walk course.

That's a wrap for today, folks. Keep practicing, stay determined, and I'll catch you in the next article. Peace out!

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