CrossFit® Open: Learn these 5 Skills! (Top Tips)

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The CrossFit® Open is the highlight of the season. Now, before you start freaking out about all the skills you need to nail, take a breath. Here's the deal: I've got the lowdown on the top five skills that you absolutely gotta conquer before you hit that Open.

And here's the sweet part - no need to go all Hulk and tackle them all at once. Nope, you can pick one or two that really click with you and give 'em all you've got.

Whether you're a CrossFit® veteran or just lacing up your sneakers for the first time, these are the skills that can seriously level up your whole Open experience.

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Now, let's dive into these skills.

First up at number 5: Muscle Ups

I'm going to count down from five to one, starting with a skill that doesn't require Herculean strength but definitely demands coordination. It's all about muscle ups. I get it, muscle ups can be tough, especially for many of us.

But just nailing one can make a huge difference in your CrossFit® Open scores. There's almost a guaranteed chance that muscle ups will appear in some form during the CrossFit® Open workouts, so practicing them is a great investment.

Next: The Dreaded Burpees

Now, I know what you might be thinking – burpees, seriously?

But here's the thing, treating burpees as a skill can seriously up your game. Don't just flop to the ground and get back up. 

Focus on technique, efficiency, and even rhythm. Doing burpees right can save your energy for the rest of the workout.

Let’s Not Miss Toes to Bars

It might not be as flashy as muscle ups, but mastering toes to bar can make a massive difference.

Smooth, efficient reps will help you breeze through workouts that include this movement. Remember, singles or small sets done with perfect form can outshine big, messy sets any day.

CrossFit Open Learn these 5 Skills! (Top Tips)

And now, drumroll, please... Skill number two is pull-ups!

Specifically, chest-to-bar pull-ups. Just like muscle ups and toes to bar, finding the right rhythm and pacing is key.

Don't exhaust yourself with massive sets. Steady, controlled reps will keep you going strong through the workout.

The Infamous Double Unders

And finally, at the top spot, the skill that can seriously boost your Open performance – double unders! These are all about coordination and rhythm. Sure, they can be frustrating at first, but dedicating a few minutes to practice every session will pay off.

Double unders often show up in the CrossFit® Open, and having them down can be a game-changer.

To Summarize

So there you have it – the top five skills you need to conquer before the CrossFit® Open. 

Remember, you don't have to tackle them all at once. Choose one or two that resonate with you and focus on mastering them. Whether you're a CrossFit® pro or just getting started, honing these skills can significantly improve your Open experience.

You never know, with these new found skills, you'll be able to reach the quarterfinals, semi-finals or even the CrossFit® Games.

If you're looking for extra guidance, we've got you covered with free training resources on our website. And if you're ready to take it up a notch, check out WODprep Academy and WODprep Online Training for in-depth coaching and programming.

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