The Ultimate Playlist: Songs That Will Supercharge Your WOD

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As a 1-on-1 WODprep athlete training for the Semi-Finals, I dedicate 2-3 hours to my daily gym sessions, and music plays an undeniably vital role in my training routine.

 Spotify, among other platforms, is a true blessing. I currently have 5 playlists on rotation, catering for every moods and workout intention.

Need a boost for a personal record attempt? Cue the PR playlist

Seeking that extra push? My high-energy EDM playlist does the trick

Craving some me time? The Disney soundtracks playlist is my go-to choice

And the list goes on...

Over the years, I've relied on these playlists extensively, to the point of hearing them countless times and, you’ve guessed it, I’m super bored of them.

If you, too, have logged over 85,000 minutes on your playlist in the past year, then this article is poised to introduce a breath of fresh musical inspiration.

So, I reached out to the WODprep team and coaches, curious to learn about their favorite songs.

Here's what we discovered.

Do these resonate with you? Are there any essential CrossFit® tracks we might have overlooked? Let us know in the comments below.

1. "Push Up - Main Edit" by Creeds

Let's kick things off with some high-energy beats. "Push Up" by Creeds is the perfect track to get your heart rate up and your muscles firing. With its pulsating rhythm and catchy melody, you'll be knocking out those push-ups like a pro.

2. "Ghost Town" by Vize, Joris, July

If you're looking for a song that will make you move and groove, "Ghost Town" is the way to go. Its infectious electronic vibes will have you dancing your way through your workout, making those lunges and squats feel like a breeze.

3. "Summer of the Occult" by Seven Lions

Seven Lions brings the intensity with "Summer of the Occult." This track will transport you to another world as you power through your WOD. The mesmerizing melodies and pounding beats will keep you going strong.

4. "Now That We're Dead" by Metallica

Time to switch gears and add a dose of heavy metal to your workout. Metallica's "Now That We're Dead" is a powerhouse of a song that will make you feel invincible. Brace yourself for some serious lifting!

5. "Kickstart My Heart" by Motley Crue

Motley Crue's classic anthem "Kickstart My Heart" is a must-have for any workout playlist. It's the ultimate adrenaline rush that will push you to give it your all. Say goodbye to fatigue and hello to maximum effort.

6. "Holding Out for a Hero" by Bonnie Tyler

Need a hero to push you through those last few reps? Bonnie Tyler's "Holding Out for a Hero" is here to save the day. This epic track will make you feel like you can conquer anything that comes your way.

7. "Big Bootie Mix" (Volumes 11, 14, 15)

For those moments when you need a mix that keeps the energy flowing, the "Big Bootie Mix" series has got you covered. These mashups are a workout playlist staple and will keep you moving and grooving from start to finish.

8. "Mad World" by Timmy Trumpet

Timmy Trumpet knows how to bring the madness, and "Mad World" is no exception. This high-octane track will have you pushing your limits and reaching new heights in your workout.

Remember, you can pair this playlist with our Online CrossFit® Programming in open gym. Check it out here.

The Ultimate Playlist Songs That Will Supercharge Your WOD (1)
9. "Adagio for Strings" by Tiesto

Tiesto's "Adagio for Strings" is a masterpiece of electronic music that will elevate your WOD to a whole new level. Its soaring melodies and intense build-ups will fuel your determination.

10. "Nose on the Grindstone" by Tyler Childers

Sometimes, you need a song that speaks to your soul while you grind through your workout. Tyler Childers' "Nose on the Grindstone" is a heartfelt and motivating track that will keep you focused on your goals.

11. "Kids These Days" by Will Sparks

Will Sparks knows how to deliver the energy, and "Kids These Days" is a prime example. This track will make you feel unstoppable as you crush your workout.

12. "PSY or DIE" by Carnage

Carnage's "PSY or DIE" is a wild ride that will have you pushing your limits with every beat. Embrace the chaos and let this track drive you to success in your WOD.

13. "Blah Blah Blah" by Armin Van

Buuren Armin Van Buuren's "Blah Blah Blah" is a trance anthem that will transport you to a state of pure focus and determination. Get ready to power through your workout with unwavering resolve.

14. "Levels" by Avicii

Avicii's "Levels" is a timeless hit that will inject a burst of energy into your WOD. Let the infectious melody drive you to achieve your fitness goals.

15. "Bass Power" by Bioweapon

When you need that extra kick of bass, "Bass Power" by Bioweapon has got your back. This track will have you feeling the vibrations as you crush your workout.

16. "Scared to Be Lonely" by Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix knows how to create anthems, and "Scared to Be Lonely" is no exception. This song will push you to overcome your fears and give it your all.

17. "Cinema" (Skrillex Remix) by Benny Benassi

Benny Benassi's "Cinema" gets a Skrillex remix that takes it to a whole new level of intensity. This track will have you moving at lightning speed during your WOD.

18. "Knuck If You Buck" by Crime Mob

Finish your workout strong with the high-energy "Knuck If You Buck" by Crime Mob. This track will have you leaving it all on the gym floor.

19. The Classics

Don't forget to mix in some classics from Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, Bob Dylan, Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, Zach Bryan, and a dose of Motown. These timeless tunes will provide the perfect balance of motivation and nostalgia to keep you going strong.

Did we miss any songs? Let us know!

There you have it, the ultimate playlist to supercharge your WOD. With these songs in your arsenal, you'll be unstoppable in the gym.

So, turn up the volume, get moving, and let the music drive you to new heights of fitness success. Your WOD will never be the same again!

Remember, you can pair this playlist with our Online CrossFit® Programming in open gym. Check it out here.

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