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For Time:
Box Jump Overs

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This year we’ve seen a HUGE change in how we, as athletes, do Box Jump Overs. Check out the video below to find out the BIG difference.

To get the BEST time, butterfly pull-ups are the way forward, and going unbroken with this volume requires practice. To build your shoulder progressions and smash through those reps, being efficient through the movement is the key to winning.

Check out the video below.

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So you just can’t get your damn pull-ups, huh? I have a few secrets to let you in on – that could just be the difference between a REP and a NO REP! You can try these tips right away and stop the endless swinging around, hoping for magic.

So let’s take a look at the pull-up standard;

  1. Your chip must visibly go above the bar (this is different to chest to bar where the chest has to reach bar height
  2. Between reps, your head must pass behind the vertical plane of the bar at the lowest point of the swing

So with that in mind, I’ll show you a few drills you can do to get some extra momentum while making sure you check the above boxes. While this isn’t necessarily the BEST way to go about learning Pull Ups (my 8 week course is!), it will definitely help if you’re needing those reps to count.

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