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Tipping Point

Written By CJ DePalma  |  The Open 

In a 3 minute window;
complete max Freestanding HS hold

At the 5:00 mark complete;
10 Rounds for Time
10 Box Jump Overs
5 Dual DB Hang Power Snatch @50lbs/35lbs


WODprep Strategy Top Tips:

Today’s workout is starting out with something super fun – handstand holds! Handstand holds are a great accessory you can add once a week so work on your “little” stabilizing muscles.

Practice spreading your fingers out and feeling the floor. Just as your feet help you in weightlifting, your hands help you in upside-down gymnastic work.

Start to notice what your handstand holds are doing when you concentre on your fingers. Also, focus on what it feels like at the “tipping” point with your feet. For example, in the hold position, tip your feet too far, and you start to move in that direction, not enough, and you fall down.


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