Best Way To Recover In Between The CrossFit® Open Workouts 2024

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Hey there! Let's delve into the essential strategies for optimizing recovery between Open workouts. We've got three crucial weeks ahead, and I want to share some key insights to help you perform at your best.

We'll cover everything from pre-Open preparation to strategic planning for redo attempts – all to ensure you're primed for success.

Pre-Open Preparation

Before we jump into the nitty-gritty, it's important to establish a solid foundation. Avoid making drastic changes to your routine leading up to the Open. Stick to what's been working for you. Consistent, quality sleep is a game-changer – aim for more whenever possible.

And let's not forget about nutrition; maintain a balanced, nutritious diet. To get your body ready for the Open's intensity, incorporate workouts that mirror its demands at least once or twice a week in the month leading up to the event.

Striking a balance is key here.

Mimic the Open-style intensity without overwhelming yourself. Overdoing it with these workouts five days a week isn't the answer. We're looking for effective simulation without the risk of burnout.

Resist the temptation to push yourself to the brink of soreness. Moderating your training volume is key – avoid activities that you know will leave you feeling excessively sore.

Want to learn more about CrossFit® nutrition and sleep? Check out our nutrition article for athletes looking to crush competitions like the Open. Read more here.

Recovery During Open Workouts

If you're not planning on redoing workouts, recovery during the Open shouldn't be too challenging. The intensity is high, but the volume is manageable. If you find it tough, it could be a sign of a gap in your pre-Open training – perhaps not enough intensity or specificity in movement selection.

If this sounds like you, then check out our online CrossFit® Programming, which includes a pre-Open training plan as part of the phase running up to competition day. Click here to find out more.

Next, be savvy about the movements likely to surface during the Open. Employ a strategic process of elimination in your training, focusing on refining your skills in areas that might induce fatigue.

Strategic Planning for Redos

With the Open just around the corner (at the time of writing) – roughly six weeks away from January 8th – it's time to fine-tune your approach. If redoing workouts is on your radar, let's approach it strategically. 

Make time for complete recovery, adjusting your training and strategy accordingly. Stick to your regular sleep patterns, hydration routine, and nutrition plan, with a focus on increased carbohydrates for added energy.

When tackling redo attempts, plan your training during the days between Open attempt one and the subsequent week's workout.

Keep Wednesday's training at a lower effort, ensuring Saturday is dedicated to recovery, making Monday and Tuesday the focus for intensity.

Lastly, consider the week between workouts as a period of maintenance rather than an opportunity for monumental fitness gains.

While it's not the time for heavy lifts or PR attempts, it's crucial to keep moving. Use this time wisely to fine-tune your technique, allowing your body to recover and prepare for the next challenge on the horizon.

Best Way To Recover In Between The Open Workouts 2024

Gymnastics and Hand Care

As you gear up for the Open, pay attention to your gymnastics skills and ensure proper hand care. Plan your training days wisely, reserving Tuesday as the last day for gymnastics before the Open workout.

This thoughtful approach ensures your hands are in top condition for the challenges ahead. As an added bonus, check climbing bee wax. It’s great for keeping your hands nice and soft but tough enough to take on the gymnastics rig.

So, what’s next?

To wrap it up, the majority of the work for effective recovery between Open workouts should happen in the weeks leading up to the event. When retesting workouts, focus on refining your strategy rather than pushing for excessive volume or contractions.

Stick to your established routine of eating well, getting quality sleep, and staying hydrated. Plan your training between weeks strategically, with heavier intensity on Monday and Tuesday, and lighter efforts on Saturday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

By adopting these strategic recovery measures, you'll set yourself up for success in navigating the Open, ensuring peak performance and minimizing the risk of burnout or injuries.

Let's crush it!

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