2024 CrossFit® Open: 3 Unconventional Things to Practice (+ New Movements)

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Today, we're diving into the heart of CrossFit® preparation, exploring three unconventional strategies to gear up for the anticipated 2024 CrossFit® Open.

This isn't your average CrossFit® rundown; we're delving into potential new movements and unique training methodologies that might just give you the edge in the upcoming competition.

New Movements on the Horizon

Let's kick things off by dissecting some speculated new movements that might debut in the 2024 CrossFit® Open. These predictions aren't just hearsay; they're grounded in careful analysis and anticipation from across the CrossFit® community.

Single Crossovers:

Picture yourself seamlessly blending single unders with skillful crossovers. It's a move that demands precision and technique. The key? Full commitment to the cross, ensuring your hands reach across your body with each rotation. This movement could be the unexpected twist that challenges competitors in the Open.

2024 CrossFit Open 3 Unconventional Things to Practice New Movements

Devil's Press:

Originating from Street Parking, the Devil's Press packs a punch. It's a burpee seamlessly transitioning into a double-arm dumbbell snatch. While the name might vary, the intensity remains. Perfecting this movement could set you apart in the Open arena.


While a bit of a long shot, the pullover might make its debut in the Open. Picture swinging gracefully over the bar—a challenging gymnastic feat that could cap off a grueling workout, testing athletes' endurance and skill.

Unconventional Training Methods

Now, let's shift gears to explore unconventional training methods tailored to the demands of the CrossFit® Open. These strategies might not be typical in your gym's programming, but they could be the secret sauce to elevate your performance.

Progressive Workouts:

Embrace workouts that escalate in both skill and load. It's a departure from traditional programming but aligns closely with the Open's unpredictability. Imagine tackling increasingly challenging movements as the workout progresses, mirroring the intensity of Open workouts.

Maximal Lifts Post-Metcon:

Here's where the game changes. Instead of priming your body with heavy lifts pre-metcon, flip the script. Practice hitting maximal lifts when fatigue sets in—just like in the Open. It's a shock to the system that could pay dividends when it matters most.

Final Thoughts

As you gear up for the 2024 CrossFit® Open, consider integrating these unconventional practices into your training regimen. Whether it's mastering new movements or embracing progressive workouts, every element contributes to your preparedness for the ultimate test of fitness.

Remember, the journey to the CrossFit® Open isn't just physical—it's mental and strategic too.

Stay tuned to WODprep for more insights, strategies, and expert guidance as we navigate the road to the Open together.

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