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For CrossFit 20.2, we're looking at a 20 minute long triplet... and a brand new movement. 

Thrusters are never something to be taken likely, but these heavy dumbbell thrusters add a whole new twist. 

Ready to make a 20.2 game plan? 

First, here's the workout... 

CrossFit 20.2 WOD 

crossfit open 20.2

CrossFit 20.2: Pacing Tips

This is a long one. And the name of the game is to keep moving. Do your reps, step over, continue. If you are able to keep your transitions disciplined, your pace won't suffer.

Here are a few key things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t go into this at turbo speed... this is going to lead to lazy transitions later on.
  • Slow is smooth, smooth is fast
  • Take a disciplined 2-3 breath break between movements
  • Keep your gear close as there are a ton of transitions
  • Long distance transitions are a huge waste of time
  • Find an 80% pace that seems easy, stay there until 2-3 minutes left - then push at the end.

Check out our full-length CrossFit 20.2 Strategy Video here for even more coaching:

CrossFit Open 20.2 - The Thrusters

Like I already mentioned, these are heavy. Make sure that you first test out the weight and make sure that it's manageable across the 20 minutes. Here's what I would recommend:

Thruster Do's

  • Try to stay unbroken - dropping is going to waste a ton of time
  • Power Curl Clean your first rep up (no need to squat clean unless the weight is super light).
  • Control the dumbbell on the way down to the floor. Have a designated place to drop like on a gymnastics mat to avoid bouncing.
  • Breath at the top of your thruster rep.

Thruster Don'ts

  • Don't hold your breath - keep breathing!
  • Avoid breaking your toes (or others) - don't flagrantly drop the dumbbell and let it bounce all over the place. Control the descent.
  • Don't rush your first rep. Hold a steady pace.
CrossFit 20.2

CrossFit 20.2 - Toes To Bar

6 reps might not seem like much, but when we're looking at them repeated over the course of 20 minutes... even 6 can start to get difficult. Here is what I would recommend:

TTB Do's

  • Keep moving - singles, or smaller sets are OK.
  • If you can't do TTB yet, try the box drop-in method.
  • Tape the bar (ask a coach if it's OK first)
  • Watch more TTB videos for tips!

TTB Don'ts

  • Don't rip!  Take care of your calluses ahead of time.  
  • Avoid death swinging - maintain a rhythm, even if that means singles.
  • Don't choose a super high pull-up bar. Jumping up to it each time is a waste of time and energy. If possible, use a pull-up bar that is within easy reach, that still gives you enough clearance.

Open Workout 20.2: Double Unders

Double unders are really going to make or break this workout. At 24 reps per round, being able to go unbroken (or close to it) is a huge win. Here are a few things to keep in mind...

Double Under Do's 

  • Remember to breath!
  • Think: Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.
  • If it helps, start with a few singles before transitioning into double unders 
  • Keep your rope organized and near you - don't chuck it to the floor after each round.
  • Check out some of our double unders videos

Double Under Don'ts

  • Don't hold your breath. I see this happen a lot when athletes are trying to keep count - let your judge do that.
  • Avoid getting frustrated/emotional. If you trip up, take a second to compose yourself, and continue. Temper Tantrums are a waste of time.
  • Don't try to start too fast - this can cause tripping up

CrossFit 20.2: Masters Athletes

If you're planning to attack this one as an Rx'ed Masters Athlete, everything stays the same until the age group 55+. At that point, the dumbbell weights drop to 35 lbs for men, and 20 lbs for women. 

By the way... once you join WODprep Plus, our brand new Masters only community, you’ll get expert coaching to help you hit 20.2 with “just right” pacing - not too fast, not too slow.

CrossFit Workout 20.2: Scaled

A few things changed in the scaled workout - and even more if you're a Masters Athlete. First, head to to make sure you know exactly what is programmed for your age group.

Besides the DB weights dropping, we also see hanging knee raises take the place of toes to bar. Do your best to stay unbroken on these, don't drop off the bar.

Just like double unders - single unders are going to be a place to get ahead if you're able to stay unbroken, and not trip up. Read through the double under tips above on breathing, tips remain the same here.

Lastly, some of you might see sit-ups programmed. Word of the wise - protect yourself from monkey butt - use a butt pad! 🙂 

Equipment for 20.2

If you're a grip user, then go for it. Don't try something you've never done before, like bringing out new grips that you have never used. Make sure your calluses are trimmed ahead of time, and those hands are good to go!

single unders are important
  • I am a Masters level female (55-59 year old bracket). I so appreciate WODprep strategies. My goal is to be in the mid-range of the bell-curve for my age. I was in the middle of the pack last CFOPEN (Feb. 2019), and would like to be there again, or better. I will be scaling 20.2, and the pacing guidance/encouragement that you gave was great. Thanks. I hope the 15lb DB Thrusters will be manageable. I believe I’ll be OK–I will just have to really keep the slow and steady pace toward the end of the workout. Although I’ve been a CrossFitter for 2.5 years, I still have not mastered the Double Under. It is still a goal–hopefully soon I will get my 1st DU. I am close sometimes. Thanks for your WODprep videos. I will check them out even more.

  • I am a 60+ Masters Male athlete, and I RIP the skin just below my tail bone when doing situps, which I am thinking is what you referred to as Monkey Butt. I becomes very painful, especially when you hit the showers. For me, it starts happening after about 30 reps. I have a foam pad that I use to try to alleviate the issue but it still happens when doing a high amount of reps. If I have time, I actually try and tape it myself, as you can imagine it is a fairly intimate place to tape. That’s when I wish my wife did crossfit too. Lol. What are your suggestions?

    • Hey Cary,

      Step 1. Use a thicker/softer pad
      Step 2. Beg wife to tape your butt
      Step 3. Wear some sort of padded underwear
      Step 4. Pray to CrossFit Gods

  • I got monkey butt at the end of the 19.1 workouts. (19 wall ball / 19 rowing cals AMRAP)I am 60+. It was my first open after 7 weeks of training, the first and only 7 weeks in a gym ever. I did it on the Friday night and to my surprise scored 203 putting me into 2nd place 60+ men in my country. I intermittent fast and eat my one meal a day after the workout to burn as much fat as possible, achieving 11.3% fat to body weight ratio. I was totally burned after the workout, ending up on the floor in an exhausted heap. I was so close to 1st place I decided to go again on the Monday night. I loaded up on coconut oil this time, filled my petrol tank. I scored 222 and 1st place against a veteran. I was totally elated, fired and wired. I pulled a 1/2 doz toe to bar, 400 cals on various machines then 300 unbroken strict sit ups, hands fully extended and coming up by bending at the hips only, with a 16kg kettle on my feet to hold them down, lifting the kettle 12″ off the floor for the last 50 before lowering and bringing up the hands to touch left foot, between feet, right foot. I was on rocket fuel. For the next week my ABS were on fire, but so was my butt. There was no skin left down around the tail bone.

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