Learn Toes to Bar (Before the CrossFit® Open!)

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The toes-to-bar is a make-or-break exercise during the CrossFit® Open, and mastering it can significantly impact your overall score. Whether you're struggling with your first rep or looking to improve efficiency, this article is your go-to resource.

Where to start as a beginner learning Toes to Bar?

For those aiming to nail their first toes-to-bar, I've got some tips to help you unlock that initial rep. Many beginners make the mistake of attempting a strict toes-to-bar without utilizing momentum.

Instead, consider what I call the Glide Kip or Tarzan swing. By jumping up behind the bar and using the forward swing momentum, you can smoothly swing your legs up to touch the bar.

Remember, it doesn't have to be your toes; any part of your feet touching the bar between your hands counts.

To break it down further, take a step back from the bar, jump up with your feet directly under your body, and use that momentum to swing up and make contact with the bar.

This technique makes getting that first rep a lot more achievable, especially for those aiming to distinguish themselves in the RX division.

How To Maximize Your Open Scores with Toes to Bar

Now, if you've already mastered the toes-to-bar and can do multiple reps unbroken, that's fantastic!

But when it comes to maximizing your Open score, I encourage you to focus on mastering quick and efficient singles.

In the heat of the Open, attempting large sets can lead to burnout, affecting not just your toes-to-bar but also other movements in the workout.

Instead, practice quick singles—jump up, perform a small kip, touch the bar, and drop down. This approach allows you to accumulate reps smoothly without exhausting yourself.

In fact, during a past Open workout, I exclusively did singles to showcase that it's a viable strategy for achieving a top 1% score.

Learn Toes to Bar Before the CrossFit Open

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