The Secrets of Ring Muscle Ups: A Quick Tutorial

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I'm going to walk you through the intricate steps of mastering a ring muscle up. Before we dive in, let's establish what a muscle up is—it's the seamless transition from a hanging position with fully extended arms to being above the rings, finishing with arms locked out.

Sounds challenging?
It sure is, but fear not; I'm here to break down the fundamentals for you in a few quick steps.

What Are The Fundamentals To Ring Muscle Ups?

The focus here is on achieving a strict ring muscle up, which is often the starting point for beginners.

Later, you can progress to more advanced techniques like the kipping ring muscle up. The key is to build strength, mobility, and technique gradually. 

Prerequisites You Need To Crush RMU?

Here are some essential fundamentals to get you started:

Ensure you can perform at least six to seven strict pull-ups on a bar or rings. Without sufficient pulling strength, getting above the rings will be a considerable challenge.

Deep Ring Dip:

Develop the strength to execute a deep ring dip, as this will be crucial during the muscle up. A shallow dip won't cut it; you need to master the deepest ring dip of your life.

False Grip:

Adopt a false grip by grabbing the rings with the crease of your wrist above them. Chalking up where the rings should be can assist in maintaining a solid grip.

Supporting Equipment:

Consider using a box, especially if attempting the exercise on high rings. This aids in establishing a secure false grip, making the initial pull more manageable.

The Secrets of Ring Muscle Ups A Quick Tutorial

Now, let's break down the actual execution of the ring muscle up:

Aggressive Pull:

Envision executing the most aggressive and powerful pull-up, aiming to bring the rings to your chest. This intense pull sets the stage for the transition.

Lean Forward:

Once the rings reach chest level, maintain the false grip and lean forward. This movement is critical for smoothly transitioning into the dip position.

Cues for Success:

Use mental cues like looking up at the ceiling during the pull-up and shifting your gaze to the floor after reaching chest level. These cues facilitate a fluid motion through the entire exercise.

Transition Stability:

During the transition into the dip, prevent the rings from spreading wide. Keep your hands close to the sides of your ribs to maintain stability and avoid wobbling.

So, What's Next?

By following these fundamentals and execution tips, you'll be well on your way to mastering the elusive ring muscle up.

Don't forget to check out our courses for additional guidance, and if you're hungry for more, head to our free training guide on ring muscle ups.

Peace out!

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