Workout of the Day

Fran Plus

In 10 minutes, establish a Heavy Power Clean

@15:00 mark


WODprep Workout Strategy & Tips

The focus of today is to test your ability to move from one stimulus to the other. When it comes to competitions, you’ll always find a workout that’ll test raising your heart rate and then go straight into lifting 90% or above. 

The workout specifies a “heavy” power clean. This doesn’t mean you should go for a PR. You’re aiming to go above 85% or more. If you happen to hit a PR – then great! But don’t worry if today isn’t your day. Concentrate more on keeping good form.

Secondly, it’s the classic benchmark workout, Fran. This might be your first time or your 500th time doing this workout. Either way, it will still hurt the same. Before diving straight in, work out how you’re going to split your reps.

If thrusters and kipping pull-ups are your thing, then look to break the reps into 2. If not, aim for 3 or 4. The goal is to stay at a consistent pace. If you red line at any point in this workout, you’ll be done for.

Finally, good luck! 


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