Workout of the Day

HSPU Fatigue

7 rounds of:
3 Cleans (185lbs/125lbs)
4 Deficit Kipping Handstand Push-ups
5 inches for men, 3 inches for women


WODprep Strategy Top Tips:

When you’re doing barbell cleans, it’s super important to focus on using the right technique and form. If the weight feels too heavy, feel free to reduce the load to something manageable. There are only 3 reps of the clean at once, so it should feel heavy, but not so heavy that your form breaks down.

Now, let’s talk about deficit kipping handstand push-ups. These are a bit more challenging as the deficit adds extra extra range of motion that you may not be used to. If the deficit is impossible for you, simply scale back to regular HSPU. Again, these should be a challenge for you – but doable! 

With 7 rounds to complete, you should be looking to complete your reps unbroken (or quick singles on the cleans). 

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