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Week 3, as many predicted, is a repeat. 

CrossFit 20.3 is 18.4. Let's take a look at the workout: 

Crossfit 20.3

Here's our full-length 20.3 Strategy Video that includes tips for Rx, Scaled, and Masters:

Last like in 2018, I'm going to heavily caution safety first with this one. I encourage scaling when in doubt - these weights are heavy, and HSPU's are at a higher volume.

Be realistic about your ability and act accordingly. In the past I’ve suggested that many athletes should go “Rx” at all costs, but for this one I’m only suggesting RX if you’re able to move the deadlift and HSPU safely and effectively. 

20.3 Open Pacing

I recommend that you set your pacing based off of your plans to get into round 2 or not. In short, if a 315/205 lb deadlift is something that's completely out of reach for you, go into this workout with the intent to PR your Diane time, since the end of your final round of completed deadlifts is your tiebreak score.

If you know that you can finish (or did finish 18.4) the following that mantra of 'smooth and steady' from the start will help keep you going strong into round 2, when you hit that heavier barbell.

crossfit open 20.3

20.3: The Deadlifts

Here's what I recommend on the deadlifts during CrossFit 20.3

  1. Singles - dropping in between. 
  2. Negative sets - break up your rounds something like 8-7-6 / 6-5-4 / 5-4
  3. Wear a belt!
  4. Staggered Grip (see example in above video)

What I don't recommend for 20.3 is controlling the barbell's descent on each rep, this is a big waste of energy.

Have you already done CrossFit 20.3? Then my guess is your back might need a little TLC - check out our Open 20.3 recovery video here

CrossFit 20.3: Handstand Push-ups

Here's what I recommend for the HSPU's on CrossFit 20.3...

  1. Practice the movement beforehand. If you can't safely perform HSPU's... scale!
  2. Think "heels up" in order to finish each rep to standards.
  3. Use your hips to kip out of the bottom. 
  4. Start each rep with your heels high.
    Drive your head through. 
  5. Keep your core tight. 

Here's what I DON'T recommend on the HSPU's...

  1. Starting with hands too wide
  2. Going strict
  3. Starting with your heels low
  4. Looking down during your reps.

crossfit 20.3

Open 20.3: The Handstand Walks

First and foremost... a lot of athletes aren't going to make it to the handstand walks. And if you do, you're going to need to be very proficient at them. Here's what I recommend.

  • Do avoid the fault line - try to know where you are, and make sure you're completely over each line before finishing a rep.
  • It's perfectly fine to break up your handstand walks - don't try to be a hero and go unbroken.

CrossFit 20.3: Masters

As noted above, the weights and movements are going to change depending on your division, so make sure to read the full CrossFit 20.3 standards here

If you are 55+, you have push press. I strongly advise touch and go on these. Avoid dropping the bar at all costs, or pausing at the bottom... that's going to cause a lot of lost time. 

Not sure if you should be scaling or going Rx on this one? Need some specific feedback on your HSPU form? Our coaches in WODprep Masters can help you with that - and way more.

CrossFit Open 20.3: Scaled

Hand Release Push-ups

  • Avoid the “snake” - think about “butt first” as you start pressing from the floor. This will help you stay in a solid plank position
  • DO NOT rest at the top of your reps. Rest on the floor!
  • Standards don’t mention keeping your feet on the ground, so see if you like the “hand-and-feet-release” version that I show in the video. This can help utilize your legs and core to snap into your push-ups.

Bear Crawls

  • Avoid “line faults” when you get started, this is a silly mistake and easily avoided with some thought. Be sure to keep your butt up.
  • Try crawling with wide feet and relatively straight legs. I found in practice that this was MUCH easier than my normal version of bear crawling. Regardless, practice several techniques and see what your body likes best.
  • Don’t forget to breathe, this is an awkward position and it’s easy to forget. 

CrossFit 20.3 - Final Considerations

Be smart, and don't try to be a hero. Completely blowing out your back, or injuring your neck is NOT worth the badge of going Rx on this one.

Enjoy these 9 minutes of fun, and as always comment below with any questions. If you haven't already, make sure you're signed up below to get our guides (and an exclusive 20.3 WOD warm-up video) delivered directly to your inbox!

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