CrossFit® Open 18.4 – The Complete Strategy Guide (Scaled, Masters, and Rx)

Written By Ben  |  Open 

Head here for our full CrossFit Open 20.3 Strategy Guide and updated videos!

Last week’s WOD, 18.3, was a big slice of humble pie for most athletes. Especially for beginners that haven’t mastered technical movements like double unders or muscle ups. But that’s what the Open is all about: getting you out of your comfort zone! This week is no different. We have a new challenge ahead of us. Let’s move on to our CrossFit® Open 18.4 Complete Strategy Guide.

Wait, before we do, I have to just say… TOLD YA!

I’ve been predicting Handstand Walks would show up in the Open for a couple years now - woohoo!

However, don’t freak out quite yet. You have to get a LOT of work done in 18.4 before you earn the right to walk on your hands.

CrossFit® Open 18.4: The Workout

Rx (For Time, 9 Min Cap,  21-15-9)

  • Deadlifts (225/155)
  • HSPU
  • 21-15-9
  • Deadlifts (315/205)
  • Handstand Walk (50’)

Scaled (For Time, 9 Min Cap, 21-15-9)

  • Deadlifts (135/95)
  • HRPU
  • 21-15-9
  • Deadlifts (185/135)
  • Bear Crawl (50’)

Masters (For Time, 9 Min Cap, 21-15-9)

  • Deadlifts (*/*)
  • HSPU / HRPU / Push Press *
  • 21-15-9
  • Deadlifts (*/*)
  • HSW / HSPU* (50’)

** Dependant on age group.  For a complete standards guide, please visit

CrossFit® Open 18.4 - Strategy:

  • Pacing is dependent on your abilities for the second part of the WOD.
    • If there’s absolutely no way that you’ll be lifting the 315/205 barbell after Diane is done, then try your best to hit a new Diane PR in order to help your tiebreak score.
    • If you have a reasonable shot at making it deep into the second part of the WOD, smooth and steady will win the race. Don’t crush Diane and then crash and burn afterwards
  • Scaling is suggested for many athletes. These weights are big and intimidating. Please consider your safety first.
  • If you have nagging back/neck injuries - scale it. It’s easy to get caught up in the rah-rah atmosphere this time of year. Be realistic about your ability and act accordingly. In the past I’ve suggested that many athletes should go “RX’d” at all costs, but for this one I’m only suggesting RX if you’re able to move the deadlift and HSPU safely and effectively. 

CrossFit® Open 18.4 - Mindset:

  • Deadlifts and HSPUs are two movements where it’s really easy to take long breaks.
  • Don’t salsa dance with the bar. Don’t hang your head in defeat during the HSPUs. Your mindset throughout should be, “just one more rep”.
  • Break up sets from rep number one.

CrossFit Open 18.4 handstand push ups

CrossFit® Open 18.4 - Movements (RX):


  • Use a staggered grip. It shocks me how few people use this technique for gripping the bar. Check out our video and try it for yourself.
  • Don’t go unbroken! Singles are perfectly fine for most people who are simply trying to get through Diane. 
    • If you are doing unbroken sets, try a “negative split” each roundlike 8-7-6 / 6-5-4 / 5-4
  • Keep your neck neutral, it should be a straight line from the crown of your head to your butt. Keep your eyes on the floor a few feet in front of you throughout. 

Handstand Push-Ups

  • New standards are a game changer, you REALLY need to pay attention to your hand width. If you go too wide, you won't be able to reach. 
  • Don’t make these 4 mistakes!
  • If you let your core/glutes relax, it could hurt your reach.
  • Start with your heels above the line. Don’t waste energy pushing up into your first rep. Get upside down with arms locked out and heels up!
  • Check out our full HSPU tutorial playlist

Handstand Walks

  • Most people will not make it here, so don't stress too much about it. People who do make it here will probably have a proficient HSW.
  • Avoid the “line fault”. It’s very easy to mess this up and totally throw off your momentum. Take extra care to start with hands, fingers, etc. completely behind the line.
  • The standards are a little sloppy, you could do some ugly, fake, sprint-on-hands-and-fall-every-5-feet-thing if you are incapable of doing true HSW… but I'll personally judge you  😉
  • Your core will be smoked, take your time to make things count.
  • We have a TON of handstand walking suggestions and tips. Check out this playlist to get them all!
how to handstand walk

Push Press (MASTERS 55+ ONLY)

  • Be sure to “touch and go” your reps for maximum efficiency.

CrossFit® Open 18.4 - Movements (SCALED)

Hand Release Push-ups

  • Avoid the “snake” - think about “butt first” as you start pressing from the floor. This will help you stay in a solid plank position
  • DO NOT rest at the top of your reps. Rest on the floor!
  • Standards don’t mention keeping your feet on the ground, so see if you like the “hand-and-feet-release” version that I show in the video. This can help utilize your legs and core to snap into your push-ups.

Bear Crawls

  • Avoid “line faults” when you get started, this is a silly mistake and easily avoided with some thought. Be sure to keep your butt up.
  • Try crawling with wide feet and relatively straight legs. I found in practice that this was MUCH easier than my normal version of bear crawling. Regardless, practice several techniques and see what your body likes best.
  • Don’t forget to breathe, this is an awkward position and it’s easy to forget. 

CrossFit® Open 18.4 - Gear:

Lifting Belt:

    A belt is suggested for the deadlifts in order to save your core. If using a belt, find a velcro strap instead of a buckle. This will allow you to loosen the belt really quickly before hopping on the wall for HSPUs. 

Wrist Wraps:

    If you feel a sense of security using Wrist Wraps for HSPU’s, go for it. For simplicity and distraction avoidance, WODprep prefers less gear. If you can go without, even better!

Before You Leave: 

Thanks for reading our CrossFit® Open 18.4 Complete Strategy Guide. We look forward to seeing you again next week for the final showdown. Before you go, we ask that you do three things:

  • Leave a comment after hitting 18.4 - What were your takeaways? What was easy? What was hard? If you had to do it again, how would you do it differently? Please be specific and long-winded 😉
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Disclaimer: WODprep is not affiliated with CrossFit® We are an independent group of functional fitness athletes trying to help people like us perform better in their WODs and everyday lives. 

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      • The bear crawl tip helped tons! Didn’t quite finish Friday but will defo finish Monday! (My daughter knee sleeves helped lots too! Just sayin’)

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    • Hey Beth! Which gym in Maryland? I used to own Blue Crab CrossFit with a buddy… love the Maryland CF scene 🙂

      Shoeless would be totally fine for me in this workout since deadlifting barefoot can be awesome. Just careful not to drop any weights!

      • Thanks Ben! I did it shoeless and worked well and I still have all my toes 🙂 CrossFit Hyattsville (near College Park).

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  • Hey Ben, yet ANOTHER great video with lots of great info. Been following you for about 6 months. Enrolled to do the double under unleased, (bloody awesome course, do yourself a favour folks and enroll to do it! ) and since then have just loved the way you present things! Keep up the good work mate! Oh yer, I’m based in sunny cairns (about 32 degrees celcius here at the moment) in Australia, and I’m a university academic working on venomous animals. Keep up the great video mate, love them!!!! JAmie

    • Dude! Awesome! First of all so glad that you found Double Unders Unleashed so useful. We’re really proud of how that one turned out, and looking forward to opening up some spots after the Open.

      Next… I wanted to be a herpetologist when I was younger and move to Australia to study all the venomous snakes. You are livin’ my childhood dream!

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    Whats up?
    My name is Carlos and Santa Cruz do Sul RS Brasil
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    Thank you for you amazing vídeos.

  • Hi Ben. I did 18.4 and want to redo it with different strategy on DL as I am pretty good at HSPU. I broke HSPUs up in 2sets all the way. My goal is to get through 2nd part of 21 reps of DL with 315lb. When I did first time, I broke DL up like Scott Panchik did. When I got to 2nd round of DL with 315lb, I only could do singles and did 12reps. What would you recommend in terms of rep scheme for DL for me? Should I do singles on DL with 225lb from the get go to save some energy?

    • Hey Julian!

      Hard to answer this one because I don’t know your 1RM and I don’t know how much time you had after Diane. If you were moving 315 pretty well but ran our of time, then you’ll want to push harder on Diane to give yourself more time on the 315 DL. However if you were struggling on that 315, then moving faster might only smoke your legs more.

      Hope you crush it!

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