How to do Heavy Rope Double Unders from the CrossFit® Games

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Are you struggling to nail heavy rope double unders after mastering the art of speed rope skipping? You're not alone.

Heavy rope double unders can be a challenging feat, but in this article, we'll explore why they're more difficult and how you can conquer them with the right techniques.

 Today, we'll delve into the intricacies of heavy rope double unders.

The Challenge of Heavy Rope Double Unders

Heavy rope double unders pose a unique challenge compared to their speed rope counterparts. It's not just about dealing with the additional weight; there's a fundamental shift in your approach.

Let's explore why heavy rope double unders are often elusive for even the most experienced athletes.

Tight Tolerances:

When you've honed your double under skills with a speed rope, your tolerances become extremely precise.

You've learned to maintain a consistent jump height and rope speed to achieve efficient double unders. However, this precision can work against you when transitioning to a heavy rope.

Need for Versatility:

True mastery of double unders requires the ability to vary your jump height, rope speed, and cadence.

You should be comfortable going from lightning-fast rotations to slow and deliberate spins with your speed rope. This versatility prepares you for heavy rope double unders, where a slower spin is necessary.

How to do Heavy Rope Double Unders from the CrossFit Games

Training Techniques

Now that we understand the challenge, let's explore some training techniques to help you conquer heavy rope double unders.

Vary Jump Height and Rope Speed:

Start by practicing with your speed rope, intentionally varying your jump height and rope speed. 

Challenge yourself to go as fast as possible and then slow it down dramatically while still achieving double unders. This flexibility in your jumping mechanics will be essential when transitioning to a heavy rope.

Develop a Strong Grip:

Holding a heavy rope requires a secure grip. If you're accustomed to a speed rope's small handles, you'll need to adapt.

Practice gripping your speed rope firmly, either with a full grip or with your thumbs on top. This grip strength will carry over to your heavy rope skills.

Experiment with Hand Position:

Some athletes, like Brent Fikowski, prefer an alternative hand position, holding the rope differently. Instead of the standard grip, they hold it in a unique way.

While it may feel awkward at first, experimenting with this grip can help you fatigue different muscle groups, giving your shoulders a break during heavy rope workouts.

Maintain Versatility:

Avoid getting stuck in one rope type or technique. While heavy rope double unders are a fantastic training tool, ensure you continue to practice with different rope weights, lengths, and speeds.

This versatility is the hallmark of a skilled double under athlete.

Heavy rope double unders may seem daunting, but with the right approach, you can conquer them.

Remember to train for versatility, develop a strong grip, and experiment with different hand positions. Soon, you'll be able to seamlessly transition between speed rope and heavy rope, demonstrating your mastery of double unders.

So, what's your next step on this journey?

Give these techniques a try, and you'll be well on your way to mastering heavy rope double unders.

If you found this article helpful, be sure to download to WODprep's super valuable double unders training guide. Thank you for joining us, and happy jumping!

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