Open 24.1 Strategy for Scaled and Masters

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The 2024 CrossFit® Open is finally underway! This is an especially exciting and busy time of year for functional fitness athletes.

Over the next 3 weeks, there will be a lot of discussion on strategy and performance. WODprep aims to be that go-to resource for all things Open related, starting with your 24.1 strategy.

Before we dive in, here's the link to the full workout.

Let's dive into the strategy.

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How to Nail DB Snatches

1. Positioning and Grip

  • Hold the Dumbbell Closer: Ensure the dumbbell is held closer to the front head or thumb, positioning it all the way to the front.
  • Keep it Close: Maintain the dumbbell close to your body on the way down, avoiding swinging motions that can compromise stability and control.

2. Footwork and Stability
  • Try to eliminate unnecessary footwork. Whether you are going to power snatch or muscle snatch the DB the feet should be anchored into the ground. 
  • Your feet should be set up slightly wider than your shoulders and they should not move throughout your entire set. 
  • This is also accomplished by keeping the DB closer to the body on the way up and on the way down. By minimizing a big swing of the DB through your reps the snatch will be fast, repeatable, and efficient.
3. Breathing and Pacing
  • Breathing Technique: Remember to breathe at the top of each rep, ensuring a steady flow of oxygen to your muscles for sustained performance.

    After finishing your final dumbbell snatch, seamlessly transition into the first burpee without standing fully upright. Swiftly stand after your last burpee, take a breath, step over the dumbbell, and resume motion without prolonged pauses.

    The pace of your burpees determines smooth transitions between the two movements, ensuring steady movement without risks. Sustaining this continuous effort throughout the 15-minute workout, will be challenging for many athletes.
4. Body Positioning and Alignment
  • A faster cycle speed will come with higher hips. You have most likely done many DB Snatches this year. If you are comfortable with a high hip set up then continue using that pattern.

    If you struggle with your back blowing up in high volume workouts then consider setting up with your hips a little lower and more traditional "Snatch" pattern. This will be slower but could help offload the back a bit
5. Be Prepared!
  • Chalk Marking: Before you start the workout, use chalk or tape (ask your gym first!) to mark a consistent hand position that ensures your feet end up close to the DB when you jump or step up. Don’t forget to make a small mark for where the dumbbell needs to be too!

    When you mark your hands and DB on the ground make sure that when you are lying down that the DB is at or slightly below the hip, so it reduces how far you have to step up for the burpee.
Our Workout Predictions for the CrossFit Open Season 2024

How To Crush The Lateral Burpees over DB

1. Smart, Alternate Step Ups
  • Start by jumping down and stepping up. It's the way to go. To get maximum speed, alternate stepping up with the outside foot. Otherwise, stick to your most comfortable side.
2. Chest First When You Hit The Floor
  • When you hit the floor, go chest to floor first. Avoid lowering your chest down to the ground every rep, hips first, as it will put more pressure on your arms and fatigue them.

Navigating Pacing: Strategies for Maintaining Momentum

Here are some key strategies to help you stay in the game:

1. Consistency is Key
  • Smooth Transitions: Aim for transitions that take no longer than 5 seconds. Keep the flow going. This workout is fast, the longer you pause, the more likely you’ll lose momentum.
2. Assessing Your Approach
  • Splitting Reps: Athletes splitting dumbbell reps due to fatigue should keep rest periods minimal, ideally no longer than 10 seconds. Adjusting sets based on this guideline helps maintain intensity while managing fatigue and heart rate spikes efficiently.

    For example, sets of 11-10 with a 10-second rest are excellent, but if rests get longer than 10 seconds, consider smaller sets like 7-7-7 to keep the rests short and to keep you moving.

Using Your Mind To Win The 24.1 Open Workout

1. It Gets Easier
  • After 21 burpees: Remember, the volume of burpees may seem intimidating but keep in mind that the reps will be going down, it becomes more manageable. Once you’re past the 21 rep stage, you’ve crushed the hardest point.
2. Positive Energy To Win The Pain Cave
  • Believe in Yourself: Trust your training and believe in your abilities. Keep those positive affirmations flowing to keep anxiety at bay. This workout is won on how long you can live in the pain cave and push through.
  • Warm Up Right: Ensure you complete a thorough warm-up before diving into the workout. Being prepared physically can set the tone for success.

With the right mindset and a positive attitude, you can tackle any challenge that comes your way.

The Open is here!

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